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  1. When we plant hedges we'll always put a leaky hose down too. Tell the customer to leave it on for a couple of hours once or twice a week depending on the weather. Single trees always put a piece of perforated land drain down the side so the water gets down to where it's needed. 30 secs of watering is just going to run off the surface. I'd dig down the side and put a piece of pipe in. Then water for a good 5 mins on each one twice a week. Depending on the weather of course. Your's might have gone too far to make it though but got two chances.
  2. The article is from 5 years ago the first time it happened. Just the van this time.
  3. Yep that was the first time it happened. Feel a bit stupid for letting it happen again. We welded 3mm plates on the doors and roof but clearly nowhere near enough.
  4. Cut a hole in the door then dragged everything out. Then pushed it back in to place for the artwork.
  5. Stopped for a quick pint on the way home, must have happened within 20 mins/half hour. So angry I wish I'd caught them they'd be in wheelchairs at best.
  6. Can't help but feel the insurance companies will be rubbing there hands at this. Will be asking if you intend to tow a trailer and hike the price up especially for younger drivers. Personally didn't see anything wrong with the current system, I mean it was hardly silly money for a days training and test. Especially compared with all the other qualifications, courses. Although most people that can't tow a trailer probably never will.
  7. How you getting on with the yanmar? Looking to change ours and it's between another Kubota (kx030) or switching to yanmar sv26. Pretty much sold on the yanmar as BTE didn't even get back to me and dealer is closer for yanmar.
  8. If you're thinking zero turn and set on collection then take a look at walker. The diesel machine will be way out of your price range but they do smaller petrol machines which might be. Not sure on dealers down there though.
  9. You won't find a garden tractor type mower that will collect wet grass. Sounds like you're trying to find one machine to do two jobs which rarely works well. We use Walkers which imo are the best collection machines out there. They are zero turn so levers rather than steering wheel. No good for towing a trailer and pricey. Depending on size could go with a decent pedestrian machine for the collection bits then a compact tractor with a finishing mower for the rest then you can drop the mower and tow the trailer when needed plus loads of other attachments for other jobs. Personally unless you particularly love mowing the lawn the best option is to get someone to do the mowing for you. With the right kit it would only take an hour, 2 tops. No hassle with anything breaking down or servicing costs. Buy a little compact tractor to do the other little jobs yourself.
  10. I'll take a couple of pictures when we next have it out.
  11. We have a greenmech eco 150 PTO. Looking to upgrade to a bigger chipper if you're interested in ours. If you're not too far away, happy for you to come and have a look at it. Based near Coventry Only issue is we've been told we'll have to wait till April for a new one so depends how much of a rush you're in.
  12. How about euonymus fortunei then space a few pots out on a slab for some height and colour
  13. Had our tractor nicked this morning at 6am. Bastards went through two hedge rows and onto the road. Not a common machine but probably in a container by now. Also had the trimax stealth mower on the back! Just wish I could get hold of the little vermin.


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