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  1. I'll take a couple of pictures when we next have it out.
  2. We have a greenmech eco 150 PTO. Looking to upgrade to a bigger chipper if you're interested in ours. If you're not too far away, happy for you to come and have a look at it. Based near Coventry Only issue is we've been told we'll have to wait till April for a new one so depends how much of a rush you're in.
  3. How about euonymus fortunei then space a few pots out on a slab for some height and colour
  4. Had our tractor nicked this morning at 6am. Bastards went through two hedge rows and onto the road. Not a common machine but probably in a container by now. Also had the trimax stealth mower on the back! Just wish I could get hold of the little vermin.
  5. We had a saelen cougar 17dr years ago. Was a good machine but the lombardini engine was crap. Saelen is now ts industries and they put Kubota engines on now. We have the ts tiger which is around 27hp I believe. It's great as an all rounder but wouldn't keep up with the equivalent chipper chipping brash all day. The conveyor really helps with hedge cuttings.
  6. 4k plus vat. If it's not sold by the weekend then we'll just part ex it in for the ts.
  7. Depends how often you'll be doing that sort of work really. It will cope with that sort of stuff no problem but better to feed it in a little bit at a time. If your used to a chipper then you'll probably hate it but if it's only going out for the odd hedge reduction then you'll be ok. It's worked well for us because we have a pto chipper that we'll use for bigger jobs. What let's the Timberwolf down is the infeed is too small. Look at any other shredder and it's twice the size. We're getting the ts shredder which we've had on demo and struggled to keep up with it. Just eats whatever you put in it.
  8. Got ours up for sale atm. Had it for 5 years. It's great if you keep the flails sharp. It's a shredder though, good for anything up to 3" but very slow for anything bigger. Timberwolf have stopped manufacturing it but have been told parts will still be available.
  9. Just had this clown message me on fb! How blatant can you be selling nicked gear and they still get away with it. Will report to police but we all know that's a waste of time!
  10. For some reason the alarm didn't go off straight away. Looks like they just used tin snips or something. They got into the shed as well. Found the Wacker plate half way up the drive when they got disturbed by the farmer
  11. Peeled the door and took 3 saws. Ms231, 200t and a 461 which was almost brand new. Also had a concrete saw! Barstewards!
  12. We are a small company mainly doing landscaping, contract maintenance and a small amount of tree work. Looking for someone full time with experience and a keen working attitude, also confident with machinery. If you're interested ring James on 07788554103 or email [email protected]


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