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  1. Easy access, hard tracked site. Space for large loads. Box of veg and/or eggs from our farm as thank you if interested : )
  2. Hi all, just an update for all of you who kindly offered your thoughts and ideas on my query. We have now bought a 2nd hand 18hp cs100 from a local tree surgeon : ) Thanks again for generously offering your experience and for all your input, your comments totally turn around our original plan! we are very pleased, thank you!
  3. Thanks Doobin, that's a good point, I didn't realised about the HP, the learning continues! thank you!
  4. wanting to buy from local shop/dealer if possible- this is one we are looking at: DR PREMIER 11.50 RS CHIPPER - Hayes Garden Machinery WWW.HAYESGARDENMACHINERY.CO.UK The Premier 11.50 RS is DR's smallest dedicated wood chipper that packs a serious punch. Designed solely for chipping...
  5. Just wanted to say big thanks to all you for your comments and suggestions. It's been super useful for us to read your thoughts and we have totally turn around on our decision and are going to go for a chipper with a good reliable engine now and not a pto driven as we originally had planned. Apart from Greenmech and Timberwolf, are there any other brands with good reliable engines and built that we should be looking at for our scale? And, does it mater if engine is petrol or diesel? does that make any difference? We'll do loads of fresh hardwood of small size (max 4") with leaves on, some dried and some conifers less frequently. Thanks for all your help, you've probably save us from buying the wrong machine!
  6. Thanks for that Nepia. Yes, I can now see that this may in fact be a better option for us. As a result of all the comments here we've been changing our thoughts as to what to get and are now moving away from the idea of pto driven but make sure we get one with a well-known relieable engine, as you said. thank you!
  7. Thank you for the warning Lux, I agree, one needs to do some homework : ) My choice would be to buy from local person/dealer and go to see it working etc too. I've realised by now that videos can be very misleading. We will be doing mainly small diameter young willow, with some other broadleaves at times, but no conifers...the search continues....thanks again, appreciate the advice : )
  8. Thanks MrBlue I've never even heard of that brand so good to have other names to look into, we are limited to our mf135 450rpm thou, but will look and see what Junkkari is got...thank you
  9. Hi Carlos (is that a spanish name?) Yes I agree with that, but have bought 2 second hand machines in last few years, both good brands, precisely following that reasoning, and might have been bad luck but both went wrong shortly after buying and of course we had no come back, so just so wary of doing that again, particularly since we havent got the knowledge to assess how good or not a 2nd hand one is; the best option for us would be to buy 2nd hand from someone we can trust, is just finding that i suposee..anyway, thanks for your comment, definitely getting off the idea of the buying the WoodlandMIlls one...thanks
  10. Thanks Dawsons, that would have been a nice option but we are a bit far and ideally wanna do the chipping before the growing season starts...thank for reaching out
  11. Great, thank you, will have a look at that, thou is petrol rather than pto right? I worry there are more things to go wrong with engines plus a bit more tricky to move for us in our very wet ground, thus firstly looking at pto driven ones, but good to know other options..thanks for replying, it's really helpful to hear from those who know what they are talking about as we know very little about chippers and is a considerable investment for our little market garden...
  12. ok, i only ever used a small petrol chipper but i found it struggled with green wood with leaves a lot more, it was slower and would struggle a bit ; while the dried wood went thru much more smoothly; so maybe dried wears the blades more but is easier for the machine to pull in and chip? we will mainly be chipping green branches with leaves so I need to keep that in mind...anyway thank you for your thoughts, good to know
  13. is there any difference if one is going to be chipping mainly green wood with branches/leaves rather than dried wood? in terms of what I should look for? just noticed this blacktools video and others i've seen only show straight and what looks like dried wood? not sure if it's a silly question but better check i thought..
  14. (sorry, only just worked out how to reply directly!) Wow, thanks topchippyles, that looks promising, will have a more indepth look...thank you!
  15. thanks for that info Jase; we are going to go and visit our local GreenMech dealer just in case but we think they may be outside our price, but good to know they are ok with 540rpm..thus looking at the woodlandmills but didn't realised this needed 100rpm til Khriss said..don't know what other options may be there for us..


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