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  1. I run a busy Tree Care and firewood business in the Neath and Swansea area and can offer regular work for self employed groundies (1-2 days per week on average). The work is mainly in domestic properties. I'm looking for staff with cs30/31 as a minimum, first aid certificate and their own PPE. The work would be suitable for someone who has just gained their chainsaw certificates and looking to gain experience. Good day rates available depending upon experience and qualifications. Please pm me with contact details if you'd like to discuss.
  2. Hi, can you tell me some more about this. I'm a self employed tree worker based in the Swansea Valley but I'm quite happy to travel.
  3. Groundie required for a days work near Aberdare next Wednesday 25 April. The work involves strimming/shredding brambles, felling small trees, dragging brash to the chipper. CS30/31 required. Must be self employed and able to provide an invoice. Pm me for details if interested.
  4. Does anybody know where I can get the end of a climbing rope spliced in the Swansea/ Brecon area?
  5. I'm based at the top of the Swansea Valley and often need both groundspeople and climbers. You can pm me with details if you like and we'll go from there. I've just given a newly qualified groundie a few days work.
  6. Hi I'm after buying 10-12 tons of hardwood to process for my firewood business. I'm based in the Swansea Valley, so ideally I'll be buying from within south Wales. Please pm me with details if you are able to help/supply me.
  7. I'm on another job today but I'd be keen to talk to you. I'll try getting hold of you late afternoon/early evening.
  8. Groundie required for two days work near Brynamman, south Wales on 22-23 September. Work will mainly involve cross cutting and log preparation for customer and helping drag brash. Must have cs30/31. Good day rate. Pm for details or phone 07967020928
  9. Hi does anyone know where I could get some training in the use of cherry pickers for tree work in south Wales?
  10. Hi, I've passed your details and website over to my friends. Hopefully they'll contact you soon.
  11. Hi, as the post says i've some friends living in St Nicholas du Pelem who need a conifer taking down if you're interested I can put you in touch with them.
  12. Hi some friends of mine are looking for someone to take down a conifer in St Nicholas du Pelem, Brittany. Is anyone working near there Who'd like the job I can put them in touch with?
  13. Totally agree. I'm doing the same thing in the Swansea Valley.
  14. Mate, thanks for the offer. I'm sorted for the moment, but I may get back to youl later in the year
  15. Hi i have access issues at my site, and a full lorry would cause problems sorry. Thanks for the offer though.
  16. [quote=Mortimer Firewood;1550861) I'm based in the Swansea Valley just down the road from Dan yr Ogof Caves. I do things properly anyway so cash or bank transfer is no problem. If your mate could help out that would be useful.
  17. Hi Mortimer Firewood, thanks for this. I don't have space on my yard for a full artic. I can pay cash upon delivery though. I'd be happy to talk to them though.
  18. I'm looking to buy 10-12 tonnes of hardwood for my firewood business in South Wales. Quite happy for a mixture of Ash, Sycamore, Beech, Birch etc. Please pm me if you are able to supply or advise me of a supplier. Thanks for looking,
  19. Hi lads, thanks for that advice. My truck is currently having the head tested. I'm waiting to hear the results.
  20. Hi I'm a self-employed groundsman/second climber based in the Swansea Valley. I generate 2-3 days a week of my own work, mainly domestic work, and I'm looking for another 1-2 days work a week after the New Year. I've also done some forestry work. I've two years expereince, cs 30,31,38, and 39. Own saws and climbing gear and PPE.
  21. Hi I'm running a 2008 Ford Ranger, with the 16v engine. I'm having a problem with loss of coolant. The local garage has done all the relevant pressure tests but can't find any issues. The EGR valve had previously been bypassed as they are a apparently a problem. I sometimes get excessive white exhaust smoke. At the moment I'm checking coolant levels daily and topping up if needed. I've heard that this is not an uncommon roblem with this engine and wondered if anyone else has experienced it and how you sorted it.
  22. Buy some etriers. Basically tape sling ladders with shaped footholds. You can choke them around the main stem. Very useful bit of kit. They were developed for artificial climbing on rock, but have useful applications in trees.


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