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  1. Thanks for that - I'll take your advice and remove one of the main branches at the fork. Cheers - Jim
  2. Just seen your post - been offline for about a week. Yes, the leaves do have that scent you describe. Good tip, many thanks
  3. Could someone please ident this tree - thanks
  4. Sorry, photos are not very good. Two trees - I only have one photo of the red-leafed tree. Thanks
  5. Location, Harting Down National Trust. There's a grove of these trees
  6. The leaves of this ancient looking tree remind me of a silver birch. But probably not?
  7. Thanks for the advice Paul - since it seems to manage in the storms I'll do as you suggest and leave it alone Thanks
  8. I wonder if someone could give me some advice? I have a large poplar tree about 20 metres from the house which spreads into about 7 limbs. Storms always hit us from the other side of the tree blowing it towards the house. My question is, how stable are poplars? Although I don't like cutting healthy trees down, I feel somewhat vulnerable watching those limbs thrashing around in the storms. Would I be advised to take the tree down or even have it done severely cut back? I know some trees don't take kindly to reductions Thanks for your advice
  9. So nearly three years down the road and the Hilux still smokes. After the injector change it started smoking about a couple weeks later. Every time I took the car back to the suppliers - Snow's Toyota (Hedge End) - they gave me the same old story - "Its smoking because it has such low mileage". On April 2nd 2019,with about 10k miles on the clock, I took it back to Snow's and asked them to please sort it out once and for all. They have had it for 9 months now and they tell me they have tried this and tried that but they can't ascertain why it's smoking and do I want them to carry on looking for the problem or do I want to come and collect my car? I feel they are trying to wear me down with time and so give up and collect the car with a still smoking exhaust. Thankfully I'm retired and don't depend on the car for my livelihood. In the meantime I continue the wait driving around in my little rinky-dink Aygo courtesy car. If I take the car back now, is it going to pass MOTs a year or two down the road? What about its resale value? So where do I go from here?
  10. I can't find the section where we can list our equipment and serial numbers, etc. Does it still exist?
  11. I have been using an MS211 for about 7 years for general cutting around my home. Although it's done me well, it's a bit tired and I would like to replace it with another Stihl about the same weight but a pro model with a good performance - I have a lot of work coming up this winter. Can someone please recommend a suitable Stihl replacement? Many thanks
  12. If that's a Sycamore, what is this then? I always thought this was Sycamore


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