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  1. Looking for a part time subcontract climber for 2 to 3 days a week Based in dronfield derbyshire most work is in sheffield 07455012326 .
  2. the man the legend Duncan Yoda of cabstars
  3. Try posting on these places https://www.facebook.com/groups/251156320088476 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1746854588941868
  4. To be honest it crept up on me and I miss interpreted the 12 month rule I thought it was April to April not a rolling 12 months. ill have a look at what I can claim vat back on the month and see if that will work
  5. Hello, I have recently gone vat registered and have 8 weeks worth of work already booked in before I went vat registered. Finding it hard to get customers to pay the vat, i'm not sure wether I can absorb the 20% on all the next 8 weeks worth of work. any help would be much appreciated how others handled this situation? Thanks Mitch
  6. Hello, Currently have a Courant harness and Petzl zigzag plus just bought a chicane what else do I need to carry out srt? full chest harness? knee foot chest ascender base anchor any help would be great
  7. what does milk mean? I do use a zigzag just thought it was would be good for srt to
  8. any advantages to this looking to buy a new rope and noticed this
  9. Mines on 167k They just keep going rot out before engines go
  10. See ive already got a cabstar tipper with full arb body probably get 6 cube in it full full
  11. Im trying to find out rough cost for a tipper body for 2007 ford ranger twin cab doesn’t need a locker just chip body probably a foot higher than cab ideally with a chip hood if not to much otherwise a heavy duty tarp than can be tied to make a roof. Don’t mind if its cheaper to make with Grp sides rather than Ali sides.
  12. What do people use to secure there stump grinders in there units? Just got an fsi b22 shame they dont do a box you bolt to floor the put head end in then slide bars in with padlocks to stop bars being slid out so you cant pull it out the box. Or a wheel clamp you can padlock to floor?
  13. just wondered which people prefer?


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