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  1. Hello, Currently have a Courant harness and Petzl zigzag plus just bought a chicane what else do I need to carry out srt? full chest harness? knee foot chest ascender base anchor any help would be great
  2. what does milk mean? I do use a zigzag just thought it was would be good for srt to
  3. any advantages to this looking to buy a new rope and noticed this
  4. Mines on 167k They just keep going rot out before engines go
  5. Exactly that who made it for you? any idea on price?
  6. See ive already got a cabstar tipper with full arb body probably get 6 cube in it full full
  7. Im trying to find out rough cost for a tipper body for 2007 ford ranger twin cab doesn’t need a locker just chip body probably a foot higher than cab ideally with a chip hood if not to much otherwise a heavy duty tarp than can be tied to make a roof. Don’t mind if its cheaper to make with Grp sides rather than Ali sides.
  8. What do people use to secure there stump grinders in there units? Just got an fsi b22 shame they dont do a box you bolt to floor the put head end in then slide bars in with padlocks to stop bars being slid out so you cant pull it out the box. Or a wheel clamp you can padlock to floor?
  9. just wondered which people prefer?
  10. mitchel


    Duncan cabstar parts uk 07530232473 this man is the yoda of cabstar knowledge
  11. Hello, Looking for an artic of kiln dried logs bagged caged loose don't mind anyone help based in sheffield
  12. Hello, Does anyone have contact details for someone imports kiln logs by the container load? Thanks Mitch
  13. anyone know any decent boots that arent ridiculously wide and feel like ski boots when wearing them currently have pfanners but there so bulky and wide.
  14. hi Ive got a cheap not descrip stump grinder for tight gardens noticed the handbrake is not holding properly anymore any advice? Works off a drum brake i think can i modify it to use another method
  15. This is what the tree to other side did a couple of years ago.
  16. Hello, I am about to put an application in to remove a lime tree that has been refused in the past around 3 years ago. It is lifting the neighbours drive and pushing the wall over. A tree to the other side of it pushed the wall over on to the pavement 3 years ago he also applied to remove that tree and was refused.The care home owner is willing to replant with a decent size diameter sapling. Neighbour also wants a new driveway but is worried that he will spend the money and the tree will lift it. Is it worth getting a tree report done by a specialist?
  17. Anyone subcontract to them or have a contact number name to someone who works there
  18. Anyone got any sub contract work from November onwards for a 3 man team tracked chipper and tipper also got a 4x4.
  19. i feel like everyones desperate for it to be the next dutch elm disease but no authority's seem to want to take on tackling it due to the cost.
  20. Looking if theres any work on the highways or railways from November to February to keep a 3 man team busy based in sheffield willing to travel with in reason.
  21. Hello, Wanting to purchase some books to help with tree maintenance/management best pruning techniques for certain types of trees what they respond best to what sort of intervals to prune on. A book for tree id's and where they thrive best . A book for tree diseases, fungus and pests. Thanks Mitch
  22. Hello Can anyone tell me what sort of kit i would need for testing a chippers hydraulics system taps, gauges connectors? For a greenmech st150 Thanks Mitch
  23. to be honest was thinking more of the mobile mill type where its a frame and chainsaw with some type of winch set up?
  24. Just wondered what an entry level milling set up would be capable of width and length wise?


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