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  1. That's definitely not overweight officer! [emoji3]
  2. Thanks. That's really helpful. I'll check it out. [emoji106]
  3. Yeah, that's what I'm now thinking. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply. It's off centre, so I think it's beyond repair. I want to make sure the chain brake functions properly
  5. The thread shown circled here, which holds the chain brake handle, has been threaded completely. Does anyone know the best way to fix it, or is it fubar? Cheers all
  6. Wooden fence panels are often made from treated timber. When this is burned in the relatively low teps of a bonfire, it releases lots of nasty chemical pollutants. Timber should be taken to a local waste company, where if may well end up being burnt as biomass, but this happens at very high temps, under controlled conditions, making the exhaust gases much , much cleaner.
  7. Try calling your local council. They may be able to suggest local waste companies. Ask other local contractors maybe? Whereabouts are you?
  8. The law is very clear on this. It's illegal to burn waste.
  9. Probably not wise to advocate breaking the law on here. Do the right thing, get yourself a waste carriers license, dispose of your waste legally. It's a cost I know, but cowboy tactics do the industry no favours.
  10. Bearing in mind that burning waste is illegal, and unprofessional, as well as being very bad for the environment, the correct procedure is to get a waste carriers license, and take your waste to the correct facility, where it will be sorted and dealt with the correct way. This is what I do. This is what any decent business would do. Don't be tempted to take short cuts and break the law. It makes it harder for those of us trying to run reputable businesses. I take my waste to the local Viridor place. I get charged about £45/ton. I am clear with my customers about this, and they are very happy with the fact that I am dealing with my waste legally, as if I was fly tipping, or getting my mate to burn the waste, they would be liable as well as me(I believe)


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