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  1. Stoke Wood Project

    Felling of 15 trees with awkward access in Devon

    Whereabouts are you? Postcode would be useful. Could come and have a look if I'm passing!
  2. Stoke Wood Project

    Digging / pulling out large rhododendrons?

    We've successfully controlled large areas of rhody by hand cutting, then stump treatment immediately (within 5 mins)each cutter has a small hand held sprayer with 10% glyphosate. Simples.
  3. Stoke Wood Project

    Wildlife Ranger applications

    Whereabouts in the country are you? I have similar work available, for the right person, in Devon.
  4. Stoke Wood Project

    CUMBRIA-looking for work

    If you were down in Devon, I'd snap you up!
  5. I'm looking for a hand for a couple of days, conifer planting a clearfell site next week. Previous experience desirable. Piece rate work, but should be able to make £100/day if reasonably able, and if good/quick, £150. Cheers PM me for more details if you are interested.
  6. Stoke Wood Project

    Advice on woodland planting

    It'll be a good size at 40 years. Gets really fluted as it ages, and can be a pain to fell, but I expect you know that already! Such a useful timber.
  7. Stoke Wood Project

    Small planting job near Taunton

    Still looking J?
  8. Stoke Wood Project

    Advice on woodland planting

    Western Red Cedar?
  9. Stoke Wood Project

    Felling licenses?

    If you decide to go for a licence, it's currently taking around 6 weeks down here in the SW, as long as you've got all the rpa paperwork in order.
  10. Stoke Wood Project

    Felling licenses?

    It's very unlikely that you will get hassle from the FC for felling such a modest amount. The legal amount is 5m3 per quarter per holding, although if it's being sold, it's only 2m3. Above this amount, you'll need a licence.
  11. Stoke Wood Project

    Purchasing 25 acre oak stand in France

    Yup. It's been successfully coppiced for 100's of years. Charcoal and tannin were popular uses.
  12. Stoke Wood Project


    The clinometer app on my phone gives excellent results.
  13. Stoke Wood Project

    Hand cutting hardwood. How much can we cut in a day?

    Yup, got some good guys on board. It's in Devon.
  14. Stoke Wood Project

    Red Cedar - Worth Felling?

    Nope. That's not worth anything. I'll come and pick it for you if you like! [emoji1]


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