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  1. @Dan Maynard it was a trial day, so in my head I was thinking, invoice- pay the same day. I wouldn’t mind if I was working regularly for him 3/4 days a week, but if I’m working here and there for a company, then usually same day unless it’s a Thursday, I don’t mind waiting until Friday?
  2. When I said having humility, I meant everyone on here has some experience whether they are climbers/groundsmen. Business owners, you can’t know everything and be the absolute best compared to everyone here, that was my point in mentioning humility. Otherwise it borderlines narcissism, which we all have in our personalities, however if unbalanced can be unhealthy.
  3. Opinions are like a*seholes everyone has one 🙊🙈
  4. Also important to have humility and accept everyone has their own experiences and each persons opinion/experience should be valued and taken on board. I like hearing everyone’s opinions and experiences so I can take what I’ve learnt and do what I think fits for me and how I see things to be as professional as possible so I can avoid getting into disputes for those firms I work for.
  5. Just asking for guidance as I wasn’t sure if I was being unreasonable asking for pay once the work was completed (small firm)
  6. No contract? But I’m considering putting a clause in my invoice of monies to be paid where due within 24 hours of invoice.
  7. @Retired Climber sub contracting, invoice at the end of the day. Unless working a full week I usually expect to be paid at the end of the day, after the invoice is sent..
  8. Slightly off topic, but chasing people for invoices and the general rule on payment where monies are due?
  9. @Doug Tait complained about mess through the house, had asked him every week to get tonne bags, I simply made a comment of “wouldn’t of been an issue if you had tonne bags”. There were other issues as well, the way he spoke to me infront of clients and the way he spoke to me in general. Clients paid tips when I worked for him.. so clearly it wasn’t me that was the issue..
  10. @topchippyles subbing for various different companies but unfortunately no fixed days as of yet. I was working regularly for one company but we had an argument about him not having suitable kit for the job to be done professionally and appropriately, he said he had no more days for me so I said, ok Thankyou 😊
  11. I wouldn’t be climbing at £70 a day. That’s ridiculous
  12. Being paid £80-£100 PD I am reliable on time and work hard. I have no tickets and am still learning, I guess it all depends on the individual and how hard they work, but also you pay a decent subbie a good wage then they will be loyal and feel valued. So 🤷‍♀️ forgot to mention I’m London based.


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