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  1. Hi all, I’m trying to get rid of my climbing saw as I left the industry some time ago and only use a ground saw now as and when I do a tree job. It’s been shelved and therefore has low hours. I used it on and off for about a year prior to my exit from the trees. As the title says I’m based in Dumfries and Galloway, close to Annan. I work around Cumbria so may be able to arrange something like a drop off or meet depending on where I am in the county, and likewise in Dumfrieshire (although it’s a massive county). Price is £300 or closest offer. Anyway here’s my blurb that I was going to stick on eBay... Husqvarna T540xp. Comes with a full chisel chain fitted and a 14” tec lite bar. The machine is fully operational everything runs as it should. Starts first time every time. The only damage is to the vents on the chain break cover as you can see in the photos. Sustained whilst climbing trees and having conifer branches getting between them. For sale as I am no longer in the industry. Well looked after, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis whilst it was in use. The saw was only in use sporadically over about a year. This was due to different contracts where saws were provided for me, and my leaving of the industry. Since then the fuel system has been ran dry and the tank vented, so no fuel was left to go bad in the saw. Also included are the instruction manual, different sized handle grip and climbing lanyard. Any questions drop me a message. Collection only Postcode DG12, Annan, Dumfries and Galloway. As it says above drop me a message if your interested. Many thanks, Gordon
  2. Quick point to note on the disposable inner ear type defenders, whether they be the yellow foam ones or rubbber on a string. You've got to keep them as clean as you can, which can be difficult if they are attached to your helmet or in a pocket full of saw dust. failure to do so can lead to nasty ear infections, especially if they are in and out all day getting grubby with gloves etc etc....
  3. Hi all, Wondering if anyone knows any sites that provide Arborist training / reference ebooks. I have downloaded the AFAG leaflets but Im looking for something with a bit more meat on the bone. cheers, Gordon
  4. All I've burnt this year is larch, felled last November / December and dried in about 4 months (max 15% mc) dried it all in my back garden (resembles a wood yard) well sheltered. Heats up nice and quick, makes awesome kindling too. If you want a longer burn you just stick a bigger bit on when the stove is up to a decent temperature. I find my stove heats up a lot faster and works better overall with softwood (larch)
  5. Second andymacp's advice, think what you can actually use too, not sure if that arb aid has kit in that you would be unfamiliar with? A lot of the current mil kit is easy to use with a little practice first, but can be expensive unless you have a serving friend (but worth it never the less). Not sure if you have thought about training too? Something a bit more trauma orientated would be more suitable than a HSE qual. Have a look at a FPOSi course, it would be more of an asset than lesser trained person with a full paramedic kit.
  6. Hello mate, I had the same problems. Does it reek of fuel before it becomes an absolute pig to re-start? My problems would start after a refuel and if the saw was hanging for a couple of minutes at a time. Try taking the air filter cover off and removing the filter, exposing the carb, hang it as if it's on your harness and watch for any leaks coming out of the breather hole. Got my breather swapped and it's never had the same problems since.
  7. I'm burning my way through a pile of larch. Hopefully get some more in the future, prefer it to hardwood even if it does burn a bit faster. Gets the temp up nice and fast and my burner seems to prefer it to hardwood. Got some green laburnum any good when seasoned?
  8. Whatever you do don't be that boss who picks them up for everything, I've only been doing trees for around 2 years, ex mil engineers so not stupid, and a hard worker. As soon as I left my first boss (who would moan and cry about something as petty as laying a saw on it's side rather than stood up?!) I felt more confident and my skill base shot up as a result of working for someone with good communication skills and plenty of praise. One thing I've noticed is that some people are very set in their own ways, there's a million different ways of skinning a cat. Give him praise, if he's got a strong work ethic and something about him then he will be a good worker with the right encouragement, I presume it's completely new to him? And mate his first manual labour job
  9. Get some nik wax suede proofer mate, good stuff. As for breaking them in, there's no need they're perfect first day on the job. Just stick them on for 5 minutes prior to tightening them up to allow the memory foam to warm and mould to your feet.
  10. Not breather related but the 540 is back in the dealership with a leaking tank. Looks like it's just below the tank window. Common?
  11. No worries cheers Steve. How long does a listing stay active for?
  12. Anyone know how to / if you can view old listings on arbtrader? Trying to find an old listing that I posted recently.
  13. Hello all, Leaving the industry and have a few bits for sale. all the equipment has been looked after, is pretty much brand new and maintained to a high standard. Got a few adds on arbtrader. Cheers, Gordon


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