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  1. My parents have untreated larch on there bungalow and that's 25yrs old so does last
  2. Give Danny at city wood timber a call Sorry no number but he can usually source giant trees
  3. On our Facebook page is a video of this beast being unloaded . Copford sawmill 260 cube we worked it out to be!!
  4. Well the elm flooring is finnaly being laid, then I'll be using the pv67 again. Thanks again for the advice 👍
  5. Well it's back at the yard now, it's actually a really nice bit if timber!!
  6. Can you email this to Alex.gingell@btinternet.com If we can arrange our haulier to pass by we could be very interested as we are only in horam
  7. I've done 3, should be enough? Yeah easy to apply bit my word it stinks!! Might have to evacuate the family when I do the floors in it
  8. And a bit of elm flooring with a sorry mug just to test how much abuse we can put this pv67 through. Still a bit reluctant to let the wife on the work top yet though ha ha
  9. Pv67 has now been applied! Fingers crossed
  10. What about a pad sander? We contemplated one not sure how good they are for big wide boards?
  11. I have had good results off my table with osmo but it just hasent worked on the worktop, trouble is it's a high traffic area as they say. I did pick up some pv67and I'll try it and I also have some solid elm flooring which I am going to try it on. Read some really good stuff on it earlier so watch this space


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