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  1. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hi Mark Sorry to hear about your accident .Ive lost your number .Perhaps give me a call one evening if you're bored cheers kim
  2. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Sorry to hear that Mark .get well soon . I've lost your number .perhaps call me one evening cheers kim
  3. arbtalk change

    Not sure if its me but I've been away from the forum since the revamp .Thought I'd give it a go again but seems to be hard to navigate and with less interest and relies to topics .Still prefer the old site -just my opinion
  4. carved wanted

    chainsaw carved wanted for 3 day show in the south west early June
  5. Chainsaw carving opportunity

    There is a possible chainsaw carving opportunity for 3 days in the south west next week due to being let down very well attended show
  6. Dry oak boards

    24!needed -a tall order I know
  7. Dry oak boards

    Braces are 1.6m x65mm x125mm reasonable curve approx120mm deflection if that makes sense Thanks
  8. Dry oak boards

    Still looking for boards 75mm and100mm to cut braces for oak frame if anyone has any thanks
  9. Dry oak boards

    Thanks I've msg d chris
  10. Dry oak boards

    Can't find small woods on fb
  11. Dry oak boards

    Does anyone have 100mm thick dry oak boards please?
  12. Oak timber

    Still interested in the oak !
  13. Oak

    I'm after good sawlogs I'm up to Surrey in a week Al Cormack
  14. Oak timber

    Pm sent j broad
  15. Oak timber

    I would be interested .kim


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