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  1. just sussed the double rope install for the pulley saver. do think you can sort the retrieval clip after. anyone else use that method?
  2. just keep it in mind, and keep a ring on your keyring thats the right dap, one day it might come in handy.
  3. I just tried my best to try and jam the ring, it will not jam, constantly wants to rotate because of the smooooth pinto lines.....as the saying goes
  4. It never gets stuck, it is smooth and slick everytime, try it...you will never look back. It does not get stuck like you say, because it just rotates.
  5. Well, most people mess about shaving the ball and its only on a bungee cord. The stainless ring orientates itself through the gap with minimum effort and is fixed with 550kgs mbs cord, the ring is 800kgs mbs, so there is more strength in that setup. It was found out by accident, and works everytime, on any type of cambium saver.
  6. no, look at the ebay listing, there is an explanation and pictures on how it works. 3m FRICTION PULLEY SAVER, DMM Pinto Marlow Viper- Tree Surgeons Arborists | eBay
  7. that might get a slap across the face...or a beckon inside...
  8. but the ring method is so simple, lightweight and you can make one for a £1.
  9. Its good in the end when you master something like this.....
  10. I got a load of bosch cordless tools, 14.4v, 5 bats cover most jobs. so maybe 2.5hrs worth of cutting could be right for most climbing/dismantle jobs, plus its half the weight of a petrol one.
  11. to be honest, using a throwline in this game is not always easy, because the trees are covered in ivy, or in a poor state and never been pruned.
  12. look at this thread, there are loads of options, and some good bargains too...http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/climbers-talk/33900-treemagineers-pulley-saver.html


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