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  1. I have 1.. I'd say, they're inbetween a 150-200t Cutting & Weight Wise.. (Nice optional for Chainsaw CARVERS πŸ˜‰). Paid for itself over & over.. Still running 2-3yrs later. (Not constant everyday use obviously) But Plenty of PJs & take it everywhere.. as my main Climbing Saw for my PJs... back up Saw for Prof. Commercial & Domestics. ... Alpina A27T .. Now bought Out by and are called,, 'Stiga's (blah number blah) Pro'. (They're now Black & Yellow,, Exactly the same Saw). Personally,, I like them for what they are .. Eventually,, May even get a new one.. So I can get this one, Modded & Ported.. (Might do..)
  2. @gobbypunk Josh @ Lighter Leaves may have something for you.?
  3. Glad to see you haven't fried yourself yet Mark..!! (I was wondering where you went.. πŸ˜‚) That's a niiiiice bit of cedar you got therrre.. Brings out the fractals brilliantly bud... #MakeItGlow That's what I'd do... πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»
  4. Hello Arbtalk,, As the Title suggests really.. Anyone in need of some extra hands.? We're all ticketed from Groundies to Climbers. *Own Kit, Saws & PPE.. *NPTC & PTS *UTR We're working the HS2 Sites & they're slowing down.. So.. Could do with filling up the Calendar.. & Ready for the New Year. (Would Be interested in a temp contract here or there too, obviously 😁🀘🏻) Domestic - Commercial - Forestry & Woodland Management. TiA Drew πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»
  5. That's lower than the Living Wage now bud. (Β£11.05ph)
  6. Someone dedicated needs to Grab this Opportunity to work as part of a great firm, Literally with Both Hands.! I've Worked for Forbes a fair few times myself & I Highly Recommend this Firm to Possible Clients aswell as, To anyone who is serious enough to learn the trade. Knowledgeable & a Highly Skilled Crew with a Top Boss, Who's Fair, Honest & Is, an Equal Opportunities Company.. (a Rare one is Seany G.!) .. On a personal note: A Massive Hello to Sean, the Family & the Team. All the Best in your upcoming Adventures Sean & to Everyone at Forbes TC .. Past, Present & Considering.. "Onward and Upward" πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»
  7. Been a while since this notification popped up... Have now worked with a female climber in London (Rosie).. 2yrs after 1st working with her,, Rosie has become a very skilled climber which she has come on in Leaps & Bounds. .. Hope to work with you again sometime in the near future Rosie.! Say Hello to Shuan, Al & Everyone for me.! 🀘🏻😎🀘🏻
  8. He's Still Here.!! Hello Mark,, Had to question your existence myself, after your spell from login on.. You went a bit quiet there after your last post about "Doubling up on transformers"... (Darkside in me was pondering if all went peak tong and one isn't chuckling about my wadders.. anymore.. haha haha haha) Glad your still with us though GobbyP.. And not a self made carbon statue from.. 'electri-culi-cution'.. Back on topic: Don't think it be a good idea bud, to be doubling up the unit yet.. the old saying of "Trying to Run before you can Walk" springs to mind immediately for me there.. adding extra risk. I understand the idea behind your thinking too, 'DDouble the juice x2 = Double L = L Fractal' (In theory).. PM me bud.. & I'll try explain easier ways to get them, before you go burning your place down. (I'm burnin sometime this week for a decor piece now I've redone my connections... ie: Good practice.. Change Every Connection after a Burn Session).
  9. Adding to that, another niggler I've come to a conclusion on.. "Why haven't we seen loooong Fractals before.?" Simply put.. The Rods just literally burn themselves out,, spoil the work.. & consequently.. Fall out (be quick on your toes,, Just about to unhook n veee-ry nearly had a close call with an electric chair)? ** This stuff will Kill you,, you mess this up people.!!! .. This is Not a Hobbie for the Faint Hearted .. Try at your Own Risk... I dont want Any blame for a Death or any Serious Injury nor Damage to anyones Property .. Myself, GobbyPunk and anyone else trying this are Stupid For Trying .. We Are Not, Trying to Glorify Fractal Burning & We Do Not,, Accept Any Fatality or Accident that may Probably Happen to any other Fool thinking about trying this .. AT YOUR OWN RISK People.!! **
  10. Hello Mark,, I forgot to update you on that too .. I done a 2m Spruce Plank bud as an experiment for your previous ask,, Sparkin my curiosity... Same way as usual set up.. Paste on your mix etc .. But dont use rods.. with our set up,, Clamp straight on to the board.. Warm the board until it 'Primes' (Sparks) .. Switch Off for a mo,, paste again,, Then turn it on & leave it turned on for longer.. This was why my Spade Connection from the Transformer, on the Live Wire must of got so Hot it literally burnt the solder off and blackend the Crimp Enamel. (Not the HP Lead itself,, thats still A-OK


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