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  1. Does anyone have any info or contact numbers for tree firms in the Toulouse area of France! I checked out the local directories but to no avail i'm afraid! any info is gratefully recieved thanks all
  2. Advice for young arborist

    Just take your time and do not expect to be in the bigger trees next week! No matter how much education you have this business is all down to a long road of experience! take it slowly and stay focused! good luck
  3. New member!

    I saw my mistake as i pressed the submit icon! good start to the forum!
  4. Jonsered CS2255s

    it was cheap from a friend and only an occasional saw but its got the power i didn't expect for what i call a non-professional saw
  5. Sthil combi units - hedgecutter greasing

    I use a large syringe that is often used for feeding animals! If the grease is difficult to get through the syringe simply warm it up!
  6. Jonsered CS2255s

    WOW! This saw kicks ass!!! Anyone out there with opinions of the jonsered saws. They been around for years I know but I have to say I am impressed!!!
  7. Illegal cutting.

    any responsible arborist would report it! none of us want to stir up trouble but me personally have been in this industry since i left school simply because i love the environment i work in and conservation is always at the top of my agenda! Its our duty to protect the job we love:biggrin:
  8. New member!

    Thankyou shyhuk i enjoyed the debate this morning! It woke me up good and proper! lol
  9. New member!

    new to the forum! any offers of work for a climber? any area but south of france preferred:thumbup: excellent site
  10. New member!

    you cant teach an old dog new tricks! In this business its best to stick with your own tried and tested methods for safety reasons! platforms or similar scare me! .
  11. New member!

    I AM NOT AN EASY LIFT GUY!!! I am a true british old school climber and hoping to teach the French guys the true rope climbing buzz! (i will get hammered for that comment) All is good in France and the weather is hot today so thats cool in my books! I take it the U.S guys are also still using the true rope climbing in the industry! I climbed for 2mths in LA approx 18yrs ago and was buzzing with the way you guys work. thanks for the welcome
  12. New member!

    Just a quick hello to everyone and to say i am looking forward to sharing the site with you all! The debating sure is gonna be good:thumbup:
  13. Greenmech 1928 stolen between Whitchurch and Wrexham

    I am in france at the moment but have some good friends in St.helens and family in Earlestown so will pass the info on and for them to keep thier eyes open! best i can do i'm afraid! hope you get it back soon!
  14. what books are you all reading?

    Into the wild! excellent film but the book is much better!
  15. I think after so long in this business noone except the actual person who makes these legislations knows the true facts! There is always small print somewhere and even the planning deptartments or tree officers are often confused! A costly lawyer and court case often comes up trumps:confused1: Yippe!!! no shopping day for me but plenty of earache now


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