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  1. Heres a the NEW Generation Unimog...
  2. Have a look at the Valtra based harvester, we have just supplied the first one in the uk, some footage here of a set up in Finland 400/425H
  3. Well what more can i say We have got with the program.. so come and have a look https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-C-Price-Engineering-Ltd/530289200370394 New website coming soon as well....OMG
  4. mail me for the price..its a demonstrator so we have a special 'give away' price [email protected] We have a deal on the U20 Arbtruck demonstrator as well..
  5. Well I hope everyone is well...? Here we have a 4x4 Zetros, the Unimogs big bro Fitted with a rear mounted Hiab, it is a demo unit that we will hopefully have at the APF along with the U20 Arb truck..
  6. As has been said you wont need a no stress device if the chipper/mog combination is right. The other advantage of the ducker front mount is that there are no electrics to get broken. Hands up how many people have problems with the electric no stress devices?? Timber wolfs chip very differently to pto chippers with heavy flywheels. Bigger isnt alwasy better, most of the people here advising have been running unimogs and chippers for years (myself included). Fill the back of your mog with chippd branch wood and not chipped firewood- take that away on a timber trailer (like skyhucks and the one we have for sale ) and then you have added value.. If you want a newer one we can source them in Germany, we recently supplied a Ducker 200 front mount for £9k that was in excellent condition..
  7. You need this; AC Price Engineering - Duecker front mount chipper AND this; AC Price Engineering - Muller Mitteltal 13t +hiab 070
  8. Just to set the record straight.. ACPrice have not quoted £50k for a U20 with chip box and chipper, so i am not sure who has..the demo machine will not be for sale until after the APF.. If anyone would like a quote for a U20 I would be more than happy to supply it. As for not getting back to people, Oldmilltrees, i am truly sorry and can only apologise, pm me, or call me, or send me your number ? Until 3 weeks ago i was part time helping Alex out 1-2 days a week. I am now full time and therfore in a better position to attend your needs.. Dont all rush at once..
  9. I am sure i read a thread somewhere about staying on topic... Start another one to discuss fuel
  10. Well just got in after a brief Scotish tour ! I have done several hundred miles and its no different to driving a van. Kept up with and overtook many trucks. Its a very comfy driveing position, semi auto pre select gearbox changes gear with a button, so no gear changing fatigue. To answer a few questions. Yes its Ag reg. 1ton chipper on the front is fine. The ducker pictured can be front or rear mounted and weighs 900kg. I will pm you the price you have asked about, Its all down to spec, so not having rear pto and linkage is a considerable saving. Heading South on monday...
  11. Thanks lads, there was me thinking i was going to be sleeping in the chip bin !
  12. The Truck is heading to Scotland this week (Wed+Thurs) Going Carlisle, Edinburgh and Stirling roughly.. email me if you want to see it [email protected]
  13. This truck will be 'on tour' over the next few weeks, throughout the uk. So if anyone wants to have a look please contact me:thumbup1: [email protected]
  14. Those old trucks are available in Germany they call them 'Raundhaubers'- many used as overland vehicles. This is the modern version AC Price Engineering - The New Mercedes Benz Zetros
  15. The Unimog U20 Arb Truck This spec was put together by A C Price and was on show at the Arb show earleir this year. Compact and powerfull - 150hp 9.3t GVW - 3t chip capacity Total offroad performance Minimal turning circle Comfortable 3 man cab 56mph Full mechanical rear pto Rear cat 2 3pt linkage Combination chip box - side tip Dual lockable tool box External PTO/linkage controls Fully compliant Euro 5 engine for London low emmision zone Available for demos with Ducker 8" chipper or with your own chipper. E mail me for more info [email protected]
  16. We have the 150E and shortly will have the 175E for demo. email me at [email protected] for prices
  17. A C Price Engineering have some new product information.. We have just returned from Finland where we have been to see these Felling grabs and small harvester heads that fit onto tractor mounted cranes.. The felling grabs dont need any extra services and can also be used for loading the timber. Ideal for crane fed chipping. Products The harvesters can also be used for loading timber. Products Both very new in the UK. We are now the UK importers of this equipment and have various models for demo. Contact us for more info Thanks Stan


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