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  1. Hi All, any recommendations for a green waste location for approx 200m3 of chip? Has to be licenced and the chip isn't graded so no good for biomass. Thanks!
  2. Competent climbers and groundies are required for a 2 week project in Sheffield. Must have in date tickets, saws and PPE including loler'd climbing kit. Rates negotiable for the right people. Contact Alex on 07872336073 Thanks
  3. Staff are required for a project in Barnsley. CS31 and CSCS card required. Unfortunately Operators without CS31 and a CSCS card can not be considered. You will need to supply your own Saw, Fuel and PPE and travel to site as it's not located near any public transport. Pay is £120 a day for 2 weeks. Starting Monday 12/3/18 Call Alex on 07872336073
  4. Here's something, if it's self employment just look what's near you as you'll have the network of people for everything else near by. If it's employment you want, wait until you have a job. Then you'll know where the work is...... It's a small world!
  5. For the whole job I'd go practicality Browns.
  6. Plant a mix of Alder/oak. Alder for first 5 years then add your bigger oaks. Use the alder as a nurse/fire wood crop.
  7. Rob d the master of Sugi might be a good start!
  8. Ranskill hire has a new stone burier, leveller, seeder gizmo which goes on a 3pl. It could save hours topsoiling. Great for shifting but the 210 I was in last week was not the machine for levelling and finishing.
  9. The ones I've used have been 4-5 standard grease cartridges each going to specific points with its own ram dispensing different amounts to where it's needed. Worked well.
  10. At manufacturer stated hours. Pump till you see movement then stop! Auto grease is a worthwhile investment!
  11. Morning break, banana & cuppa. Lunch a sandwich, apples. If I'm hungry another banana. Another cuppa. Water throughout the day. It's as simple as you want. need energy = eat. Thirsty = drink. That doesn't mean stop when ever you want but in the woods have some nibbles/fluids with you at all times. Especially if it's hot/cold/wet you need it.
  12. AlexB


    Blade in the direction of pull. Get a bucket on the opposite side. Dig both in. Maybe tracks off the ground. Strop around the blade. If you can, get the blade or bucket against a stump.... See what happens. Let us know.
  13. AlexB


    That's my plan!!


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