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  1. The torque issue is what I was wondering about. We produce all our logs from arb waste, so anything big gets ringed and split, just looking for a way to break down big rings into something sensible to lift by hand without spending too much time or money on it. maybe a big horizontal splitter I can load with the grab would be a better setup.
  2. Hi all, I have an intermacato grab with a rotator on my 6 ton doosan digger. im wondering if rather than buying a cone splitter as a separate attachment, could I either buy or build one that I could hold with the grab and use the grab’s rotator to turn it? has anyone seen one or can think of any problems with this idea?
  3. Hi All, long time since I’ve Posted! Anyway, has anyone seen a splitter like this for sale in the uk? https://youtu.be/ruvu6j5S3hA I split quite a bit of oversize stuff and wonder if this would be any quicker, using an oxdale 10t tractor mounted splitter at the moment. All thoughts welcome. TIA
  4. I've seen somebody post on a local for sale Facebook page wanting logs. Immediately six people jumped on the advert, some of whom offering 'a tonne of seasoned hardwood logs for £45' They mean a builders bag I guess, I'm not trying to start the weights and measures thread again. I sell 0.73 m.cube bags at £65 and sell all I can produce to regular customers who like my service and quality etc. What are your experiences of Facebook sales? The 'have a go Harry' brigade are starting to upset me a little, my next door neighbour told me last week that I'm way too expensive because they could buy wet softwood logs for £30 a cube and I'm more than twice that price. Wow!
  5. Not a bad idea that! Any idea what it would cost to haul them all that way?
  6. Dry 26m3 for down to 20% for £100? Sounds good to me Murray!
  7. I've had an oxdale tractor mounted splitter for four years. We see 150m3 a year. It has only failed once - a spring in the spool valve - they sent one out free of charge. Very quick to use when you get good at it, I can do three cube of loose logs an hour. Highly recommend the splitters and the company.
  8. Last year I ran out just at the end of the season. I told two customers that we'd got nothing dry and that they'd be better trying someone else. One was a new customer: I never heard from them again. The other was a regular - maybe 10m3 a year, she went somewhere else but sure enough was on the phone to me this September complaining about the rubbish she had from the other bloke.
  9. Reply waiting for you Grant, Give me a ring on 07902 917281 if you want to discuss.
  10. Hi Grant, I'm in Haverfordwest and I've got seasoned split softwood logs available for wholesale if that's of any interest to you? Save yourself the work! Jamie
  11. I've got a major case of cage envy! What I couldn't do with a few of those... We use ibc cages, they're pretty cheap locally because dairy farmers use them then drive a pallet fork through the tank by accident. We had a similar difficulty with 'shuffling' the cages in the shed. I bought a bobcat to help with that - no logging operation should be without one!
  12. Tried and tested, yes it does, really well. It's a 30 degree pitch, like lots of bungalows have. Although I did toy with the idea of using silicon to seal between each lap.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say there, ive build sheds a bit like that. It looks great, and I bet it works very well. Most of my log customers are retired and quite well off with manicured lawns etc. I wanted to build something that would fit in. It will fit 1 cube.


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