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  1. Hardwood nets

    Thanks guys
  2. Hardwood nets

    what are you guys charging for hard wood log nets please and what size nets do you use?
  3. Logsplitter valve

    Yeah that definitely looks a better valve.
  4. Logsplitter valve

    That looks like a better valve than the one I've got,thanks for the link
  5. Logsplitter valve

    yeah,totally agree
  6. Logsplitter valve

    The handle broke on the first one at the end of the thread because the valve wasn't kicking out at the end of ram stroke so they replaced that one foc,then the alloy cast broke on second one last night where the lever pivots.
  7. Logsplitter valve

    Thanks,will try them out.
  8. Logsplitter valve

    Evening all, just broken my second logspltter valve,bought both of them from flowfit online and not through misuse they just don't seem to be made very solid,could anyone recommend any other supplier of better quality valves please?
  9. Circular saw spring clean

    Ok thanks mate,need the teeth setting really its not tungsten tipped but I,ll give him a call to see if he does it? Just as a matter of interest do the tungsten tipped blades cut a lot better/easier than none tipped,there's a guy up the road selling 700mm tungsten tipped blades for £190, is that pretty reasonable in peoples opinions? John
  10. Circular saw spring clean

    Looking to get the teeth reset on mine,does anyone know if there is anybody in the Wrexham,oswestry area that does it?
  11. RIKO Farmi Mastersplit wp36

    How do these processors compare to similar mobile processors,say palax combi 600/700 in terms of output and reliability etc.?
  12. Mobile logsplitter

    Ok thanks mate
  13. Mobile logsplitter

    Ok thanks guys,I think I,m going to go 3/4 feed and 1/2 from block to ram
  14. Mobile logsplitter

    The inlet/ outlet ports on the spool valve are 3/4 but the two ports for the ram feed are 1/2 also the two feeds on the ram are 3/8 ,even if I went with 3/4 pipes wouldn't these restrict the flow entering the ram?
  15. Mobile logsplitter

    Hi,just finished building a mobile log splitter similar to the Uniforest bmf,but not sure what size pipes to put on it,1/2 or 3/4 . The pump is a 16 gpm ,does it make any difference to the speed of the ram operation? Any advice would be much appreciated


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