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  1. Was wondering if people have any hard and fast rules when mixing their 2-stroke fuel. Do you always put the oil in first (or last), do you shake the can to mix the oil into the petrol? I put the oil in first, it's like an admission fee that has to be paid before the petrol can go in...
  2. My Husky 235 strimmer will start and idle OK but dies as soon as I touch the throttle. I've used new fuel and checked for obvious signs of damage but everything seems normal. What should I try next? cheers Bob
  3. This topic has struck a chord with me, I work as a one-man team and often have to climb telegraph poles up to 14m high. It's never occured to me that I might fall and be left dangling. Guess I've finaly got something to mention at next month's meeting with management.
  4. Wish we could but the fence is only two feet high in places...
  5. I've been tasked with clearing a four acre church/graveyard which is overgrown with brambles and young trees. It is on uneven ground and many of the large horizontal gravestones are surrounded by 8 inch high wrought iron railings which you can't see until you've hit them with the strimmer/brushcutter. What type and size of machine would you recommend and what type of cutter? I'm thinking that I'll have to stick with nylon line due the amount of hidden ironwork. thanks in advance...
  6. A friend who is hosting a large camp needs 10+ ton of wood, preferably unprocessed. Ideally it would be a mix of soft and hardwood. Are there any suppliers near Bridgend, South Wales? Cheers.
  7. Another vote for ultrasonic cleaners.
  8. BobG

    Sick transit

    Typical Transit faults include blocked fuel filter, EGR valve, fuel lift pump, split pipe, any of the fuel metering sensors/valves...
  9. Driving home to north Wales from London later today. I believe I'll have to go the long way round due to floods and horizontal treeage across the byways... I hope the saw monkeys working on the A5 pull their fingers out and get the road cleared pronto...;-)
  10. Are you making more money because of the recent floods/storms or has it caused you to lose money?
  11. Will a rear bulkhead removal/lowering kit suffice?
  12. German cars are dining out on past glory... German cars 'among worst for engine failures' | Auto Express
  13. About 12 months ago (18,000 miles) I noticed that my Transit van was struggling when going up hill. I looked under the bonnet/hood and noticed that the air inlet pipe to the air filter was disconnected. I re-attached the hose and that seemed to cure the fault. A few months later the fault reoccurred manifesting itself as reduced power above about 2200 RPM. As I'm a sensible driver this didn't cause immediate concern and by the time I'd decided to take the van to a garage the fault cleared itself. Then about 6 months back the fault came back but at about 2000 RPM. Again the fault cleared as I was about to visit a garage. Then last week I started the van as normal but stalled as I hit a small rock on my unsurfaced driveway. The van took a good 5 seconds of cranking to start it and it would no longer idle when cold. Also it suffered a severe loss of power and hesitation/juddering above 1800 RPM. After driving for,say, 100 miles the van will struggle to restart when hot. It drives sweet as a nut at 1600 RPM but as soon as you put your foot down it's like hitting a rev limiter! Any ideas? There is no untoward smoking and the battery is a new Bosch unit. Mileage is 117,000 with no major components changed yet.
  14. The logic is that you can pull a heavier trailer whilst your LGV license is valid, however if your tickets lapses then you only have C1E with code 107 limits. Remember your LGV will lapse if you don't reapply every 5 years whilst your C1E is valid until you are 70. A lapsed LGV does not give you the right to pull a trailer behind a 7.5 tonner, the 107 code is there to remind you of this. So imagine the situation where you have just renewed your licence and your LGV medical. You now have a licence which is valid for 10 years but the LGV part is only valid for 5. If the 107 code was removed because of your C+E entitlement then that would be fine and dandy for 5 years but if,say, you then failed your next medical the 107 code would then come back into force but would you bother to get your licence renewed to reflect this?


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