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  1. Thanks all, some useful opinions here. Don't currently run any battery tools except drills - 10mins running on a charge wouldn't be enough though. The Mitox looks ok at first read but in the detailed pics it looks 'cheaper' by design and has some mixed reviews. Was also looking at the Stihl BG86CE which looked good value at £220 inc vat delivered next day LH
  2. Not content with rakes, boards and oversized barrows, the other half now wants a blower 😊 for her birthday 👍 She spends most of the winter filling the compost leaves so she would use it. Already has muffs and big boots 😳any recommendations for a lightish but zippy blowerplease? Most of our kit is Stihl but we do have Husky and Makita too Many thanks LH
  3. completely un-policeable - a bureaucratic, ridiculous attempt and more treacle for jobs for the boys councils to wade through. Another kick in the nuts for small rural businesses Urban areas really aren't affected by fossil burning fuels and most (sensible) rural bods don't burn 'wet wood' and most businesses selling logs that want to stay in businesses don't sell it. Ello ello ello Sir, been chopping wood have we, been splitting? done a bit of stacking? I have to ask you to get this log to carry out a roadside moisture test. It's a red light Sir, 30% moisture, I'm going to have to ask you to accompany me to the station.....FFS.... The problems of asthma and breathing difficulties also lie elsewhere - this includes diet, exercise and general outdoor living for kids. On a global scale I can't see France, Belgium, Germany and most countries east of that plus USA, Russia, India, Australia and so on packing up mining and burning coal or burning wood anytime soon. For Christ's sake, UK Gov needs to concentrate on the elephants already in the room that are trampling all over us
  4. All good information, many thanks everyone LH
  5. These were sent to us by a chap in France a few years ago when we used to sell Hycr*ck logsplitters. He reckoned he had "a year's wood" to split but did this lot within 3 weeks of it arriving and he sent the pics. A couple of weeks later his wife phoned me and said "quick, buy it back, Peter's run out of wood to split and now started on fence posts and the furniture - help!"
  6. This is very helpful thanks chaps. Felix, the line does bump feed but one side seems to shear quickly where it exits the eyelet. Stubby, thanks I'll try an Oregon head and some 3mm diamond line. That head, which one is it? Is it the Jetfit part no 111110 type with the black cone shape (now worn away?) or the Jetfit Semipro partno 552698 Many thanks LH
  7. Anyone have any advice on replacing the standard Autocut head on a Stihl FS90. Been doing a fair amount of clearing with a tractor mounted flail mower but tidying inaccessible areas of nettles, docks and brambles with the brushcutter is a real pain as one side of the string breaks constantly. It's good quality 2.5mm string and we keep it moist but the head has a now worn old-age gap where the string comes out on one side of the cartridge. We tend to cut such areas in a few passes, taking the top growth off and gradually working down the stems. The machine seems to have the balls and the grunt to do the job but we are constantly stopping either to rewind the string that has locked or breaking the string at the eyelet. I want to replace it with a head / string combination that will cope with this sort of stuff. Any ideas please? LH
  8. Mayor calls for ban on stoves and wood fires in London https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/sep/29/air-pollution-sadiq-khan-calls-for-ban-on-wood-burning-stoves
  9. They're great Graham. Holiday in Kent?
  10. Many years ago, I was probably early thirties and running our business, my mum (a staunch Conservative and a 'party worker') introduced me to our local MP - I was there supporting my mum as my dad had just died. She thought I would like to meet our MP for business reasons. In a short conversation I told him perhaps more politely than I would today that our business exists despite the Government, not because of it. He walked away. That's still one of my mantras - you can't rely on any government to make your life sucessful or your business profitable - you just paddle your own canoe - and most of us that do run businesses, no matter how small, are pretty good at that.
  11. I played for +25 years. We went out to win and never felt sorry for the opposition. A poor performance by an opposition side was their problem not ours and we piled on the points. I am full of support for England - Lord knows it was only eighteen months ago that we were on the floor. This is a professional sport fuelled by desire, passion and the best money can do - however it never seems to lose all of it's 'amateur' style and roots. Scotland never looked like getting in to the game after England blitzed them in the first 20. I'd watch that any day. I also watched the Wales Ireland game and agree it was a good one. Let's look forward though to Dublin on Saturday, St Patrrick's Day and England winning for the 19th time and taking the Grand Slam. These are formative days for these boys in white. C'mon England
  12. Literally miles of fencing old and new around here, 8/80/15 netting and 2 strands of 2mmHT barb. Lots of it abuts PROW. I don't have an issue with it except by the stiles when you need your wits about you when climbing over. In all honesty it's the fencers that need to take more care turning loose ends of the wire inwards. If we didn't (all) have barb, forget the sheep, the great british public and their dogs would be exercising their 'right to roam' more than they do now
  13. We've got a poster. Any chance of getting Mungo to sign it? I want to get it on eBay while he's still famous. Great news Duncan. F&M must be so relieved
  14. Incidents like that are sometimes just a flash in the pan.....


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