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  1. Hi does anyone know where I can get an aftermarket clutch for a 2004 Vermeer sc252. thanks
  2. larryno1

    Free wood

    Hi we have started a job in bray (near Windsor ), there will be some ash , sycamore , and willow cut into manageable rings , if anyone wants to collect or is interested please message me on here or tel 07817624910.cheers
  3. Hi I did post a couple weeks ago , we have 4 large horse chesnut trees coming down in Windsor next week . Going free if anybody would like some . Would need to be collected though . Thanks
  4. Ok thanks for that I shall try them . Cheers
  5. Hi I have a job starting towards end of sept and am looking for a tip site for the wood chippings and logs , they are horse chesnut trees . Probably be 2 x 8 wheeler loads of logs and 1 x 8 wheeler load of chippings . Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi just wanted to know how much any of you guys are paying for a lift, we hired a genie s85 which is a working height of 80 odd feet and cost £ 980 inc delivery and collection. That's for a three day hire. Would you say that's about right. Thanks for any help.
  7. I agree with above , when I was doing my 30 / 31 one of the guys at the end in the assessment was sharpening his chain backwards , this is after having the 2 days training before hand and also having been working for the council, and he still passed ! I certainly wouldn't rely on him to rig down and use a chainsaw if he could nt do this . Definatly a money making thing,
  8. That's the one , spot on cheers .
  9. Hi I was seeing if any of you new the name of the old picture of a big tree with about 10 guys working in it. Cheers
  10. <p>Ok thanks Steven, you probably are a little bit to far,thank you for your help though.</p>

  11. Hi I was using the saw fine , stopped it , then started it , it revved really high then stopped. I have given the carb a clean , replaced the tank breather and fuel filter, and have reset the h/l screws then adjusted the LA screw but can't seem to get it running properly. It will start but idle uncontrollably , then you squeeze the throttle and it will cut out! Any help or ideas appreciated thanks .
  12. Volkswagen lt 35 same kind of van as the sprinter, you get different gear ratios in them to.
  13. Hi I'm on the look out to purchase a stumpgrinder, self propelled , 25hp , rayco, bandit , predator something along those lines, looking to buy second hand and wondered whether any of you guys had one for sale or new of any, I'm in the bucks area. Cheers .
  14. Hi just wanted to see if anyone had an idea of this decay is in this beech stump, we took the tree down today the affected area seemed to be from ground level to 3ft above the base .
  15. Ok cheers will let you know how we get on .


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