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  1. Show your tractors

    My little empire (sorry for the poor picture quality)
  2. peltor or husky radio ear defenders

    I use the husky ones, they are good but the auto tune means I can't get some of the channels that have a slightly weaker signal. Had manual tuning set before (not sure of make) and could get more stations
  3. Multec Logsplitters

    I bought one about 18 months ago, it's very well made, strong deck and pillar. I got the waist high table, although still need to put onto a pallet to make it more comfy to use. Can split an Ifor Williams trailer full in about 45 minutes. Of course a processor would be nice and save having to disc the trunks up, but this only cost me a fraction of the price (all I could afford at the time) and will happily do large diameter wood, they gave me the four way splitting head as well, although never really use it. You can get quite quick using the two way splitter
  4. Railway work

    With the right gang of people, as with everything, it'll be a great experience. I had seven years of it, we had nights every so often, but the vast majority of the time it was days, felling miles of trees, I loved it. Got lots of tickets, even got a spray train ticket using a unimog Go out and enjoy it m8
  5. Haulier Aberystwyth

    Many thanks
  6. Haulier Aberystwyth

    Anybody recommend a good agricultural haulier around the Aberystwyth area? I need an 8tonne agric trailer transporting to Norfolk. Thanks
  7. Railway work

    You'll get plenty of chain sharpening practice, ballast and railway metal gets everywhere
  8. I've gone and done it :)

    well done m8
  9. R.I.P Allan Simonsen

    RIP, he was a fast driver in many different cars, really sorry for his family, friends and team mates
  10. Rest in Peace Toby Arbdog

    Really sorry to hear about your loss m8, wish there was some way we could make you feel better, they do have a habit of getting to you
  11. for sale stihl kit... saws etc

    can you post it?
  12. Arbtalk Members Reponses to Stihl's Online Policy

    The exact reason that this policy is so stupid
  13. Arbtalk Members Reponses to Stihl's Online Policy

    What he said I've used Stihl kit for over twenty years now, even kept loyal when the less well built stuff from the USA started turning up. Never had any problems with any of the saws and prefer them to other makes. I'm not saying anything negative about any local dealer, I just prefer to deal with who I want, at a time I want and in a way I want. That usually means online with one of the dealers on this site. I have tried getting parts for saw maintenance from local dealers, usually a weeks wait, online order arrives 24-48 hrs later, why would I want to change it? Stopping me from buying hiflex trousers, oils and parts online will not make me go to a Stihl dealership. I'm a stubborn, bloody minded individual, I work hard for my money and don't expect to stopped from spending it on what I want/need.
  14. My arb dog

    Really sorry for you m8
  15. great saddnes

    Really sorry for your loss Jose, stay strong my friend


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