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    Brand new and un-used Stihl MS 400C-M chainsaw, 20" Stihl light 04 bar, 2 x 20" Stihl Hexa chains, Hexa chain file and handle, Husqvarna combi can and spouts, 20lt Aspen 2 fuel mix (3 x 5lt containers and 5lt in combi can). Item located Norfolk (NR29 3LW) Bought by my Father who never used it before he died recently, hence why everything is brand new and un-used. Collection preferred. £1100 ono


    Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - GB

  2. Not if you can blow the glass out 😎
  3. Must of been a lesbian, didn't like me, I mean, what's not to like 🤪
  4. From a previous life for a brother who passed away November 12th 2016. Went back to spend time with those close to us and remember, RIP Felix Lange
  5. I loved working that way, although there was a lot more to it than I was prepared for, took a while to find a system but worked it out in the end so that I could keep enjoying the work and keep everyone else content. Best thing that happened to me was making friends with an old contractor, he was happy to give advice and suggestions. Him allowing me to tap into his knowledge and experience, saved me making many mistakes and saved me a fortune (Many thanks Sid). I never wanted to get that big, I was happy to keep doing the smaller job. Lack of ambition in some peoples eyes, lack of extra stress as far as I was oncerned
  6. I don't know about work in Scotland. Although I did a similar type of thing to what you're considering around the area I was in (years ago now). It depends how patient you are. I was in no hurry, so kept working for companies that took me on PAYE, Saved up what I could, kept those I worked for sweet, got to know land owners, contractors and useful contacts/people. I managed to get some decent kit together (all second hand and useful), tractor couple of trailers, winch etc, When my patience ran out, and I knew of some work available from land owners I had done work for in the past. I contacted them (making sure it was the type of work the companies I had worked for were not that bothered with) had to do some crap to move on to the better work. I'm sure you know all this anyway, hope whatever you decide to do it goes well my friend.
  7. Why is monday a weekly event, why can't we have one every four years like Feb 29th?
  8. Might be because I've a thing for the new female padre, either that or the dog woke me up early
  9. Hope everyone can light wet bonfires this weekend
  10. Happy today, whatever bloody day of the week it is


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