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  1. Neck protection? Work position and respect for the tools used and time taken to do things right imo.. Sad for all involved and the guys family. Not having a pop at you fella. Just gets my goat all this. Sadly happening all too often recently....
  2. Just picked up my ms201t from the saw dr today. 2nd time in for a solenoid replacement in 6 months (under warranty) told it is a moving part and is expected to be replaced.. This frequently? Not happy with this excuse from dealers. Anyone else had this issue? I was told in the shop alot do and stihl are aware.. What a joke. Fella said the part only costs £18 then the fitting and down time. Are we as end users expected to foot the bill for this shonkey workmanship?
  3. It's great and smoother to retrieve than pinto set up imo . An absolute nut ache to re set if you haven't isolated a final tip. Any easier ways of re setting?
  4. Ben. You can use some of my 3 strand and prussec loop lovingly spliced by me. That's once I find it among the old engine bits. On the plus side it may be soaked in old engine oil which aids with presivation on bomb out desents. Devon twig. Looks like you could do with some more wraps on your Blakes hitch if you are going to rely on it as a back up due to loading it as a single line and not double. It might hold better and may even release under pressure if needed.
  5. Dose that mean that splicing courses and people that do them are CE certified too? I don't know if that is part of it once gone through it. Maybe they already are. What about knot configuration as this differs greatly too. How deep can this go?
  6. So all the sensors where ok. One wire broken that I got re soldered back on. No effect though. The bits you said about @Bustergasket looked in place (I think). Swap the pipes about under the bonnet and the rfw light goes out along with the hub disingageing. Swap the pipes back to original position and engaged again. Some other more expensive electronic problem I guess. 4wd light constantly on thought. Proper weird..
  7. Rw is not CE and clearly states that it should never be used as a life support. As for the other bits out their I guess that some are covered by ANSI which I think leads to this whole thing. Ok for our friends across the pond but not good enough for some the other side of it. I'm all for safe devices being used in our profession. Just can't get my head around the ok for you but not for them guff... Not that I would pay much attention to it tbh. I feel quite alright climbing on my Rw with a knot I have tied and dressed. Not so sure about some other devices but that's my choice and another discussion..
  8. Thanks for your info @Bustergasket. Will let you know how things go.
  9. CE approved knot system. The only one out their as far as I'm aware is the CE lanyard. Bit difficult getting that one to pass onto a ddrt system with so many people liking so many knot variations. I can see a pretty tied set up being met with a lot of opposition. I wonder how many accidents have been as a direct result of srt if this has prompted this action too. ĢUFFF
  10. That's great. Not tried that. Will let you know if that dose the trick. Cheers. @Bustergasket
  11. Cheers @rovers90. Will dig it out and have a look. Can't see to much of a problem having them locked in 2wd. Interesting to find out why that is the case.
  12. Yes rfw switch. The vacuum still works but locks on straight away when I put it into 4wd and stays in. Switch problem maybe @muttley9050 Yes it has had the clutch replaced at some point @buster gasket. Looked and changed swapped the sensors about but still no joy. Maybe I will just take the bulbs out again. Cheers for the replys fellas
  13. So the bulbs where missing in the dash, replaced them recently and the reason for them missing seems to be that the previous owner was fed up with them being on all the time. The 4wd works fine but the rdw is permanently engaged which in itself is not an issue in 2wd. Trawling the net their seems not to be much on this. Tried the conections on the gear box and that all works ok. Anyone had similar issues? Thanks for any light shed on this.
  14. Your right spudulike! Same thing in a non mechanic mind like mine even though it isn't. Cheers for the nomuculture. Well that seals it I really am a daft sod when it comes to this stuff. Had a look at someone's saw today and it was so simple it is embarrassing! No matter. Live and learn. Cheers again spudulike.


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