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  1. <p>we dont have any spare at the moment but will keep your name on file thanks</p>

  2. <p>none for sale at moment</p>

  3. welcome bertie to the tree monkey forum for all you monkeys out there

  4. t, is that you? - all the best joy & rohan - nice to see you sunday - got back ok with the sticks?

  5. Hi Derek, keeping busy down here, this cold has really bought out the buyers and its lucky ive still got some seasoned wood left as its been frantic - had alot of breakdowns this last week and Tonys working down south ive got him subbied to landmark clearing scrub , his discos rear axles snapped so got to go down and fetch Tony and car back before christmas, my 956 got broken fan belt, just caught it before it boiled and ruined the head! so repairing that, then my disco alternators gone, fixing that, having the yard concreted which should have been done in June!! but had to wait for contractors, so having trouble getting into the workshop! - but cant complain - hope I get my ponsse harvestor for christmas that i wrote to santa about - but might just get pants again instead ! - all the best for Christmas and the New Year Derek, love to all the family- catch up soon - APF isnt that far away now ! Cheers Rohan,Joy, Jacob and Tom - and not forgetting Tony!

  6. HI, wyn, had an enquiry for logs into carmarthenshire postcode i think sa9? - is this near you can you give us your email or phone to pass onto our contact who wants a supply of dry logs - wil take softwood but MUST be less than 25% moisture content for gasification boiler - can you help - as its too far for us I think - pm me with your details and will pass onto this customer for you to deal direct with him - ok thanks Joy

  7. after a chipper, charlie horsford has said youve got a gravely for sale - have I Pmd the right mattyf? if you have and its still for sale could you contact me am in the market for a s/h chipper about £1700 ish, thanks Rohan Yeomans 01889 564519

  8. yes, we do work for Sir Anthony Bamford still and have been for the last few years - alot of people do know us its Rohan and Joy Yeomans from Uttoxeter (joy doing all the Arbtalk as Rohan likes to look and not type!) - let me know who Bear is and probably Rohan will know you



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