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  1. Walnut

    This is the Walnut before sawdust brushed off, looks even better now. Will take more pics today thanks. The planks are 2" by just under 2ft and 8 ft long
  2. Walnut

    Just milled for first time have some walnut, oak and beech. Now after adive regarding best place to sell it, as firewood producer and this is new. Thanks Rob
  3. <p>i have 8 2inch by almost 2ft walnut planks if you know of anyone interested</p>


    <p>I would be interested could you let me know price/t delivered to WA16 9QR</p>

    <p>thanks Rob</p>


  5. <p>we dont have any spare at the moment but will keep your name on file thanks</p>


    <p>Hi </p>

    <p>my name is rob and run sandbach-sticks. Do you supply cordwood? and if yes what would a full trailer of hardwood cost (if you have any available). kind regards rob</p>



    <p>Hi Rob here</p>

    <p>I produce logs and sticks and have started to sell eco-logs. How much are your logs per 10kg bag. I would initially be looking to try two pallets. Kind regards rob maidment</p>


  8. Kindling supplier

    Bit far i would be glad to!

    <p>these are the smaller nets</p>

    <p><img src="http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/kindling-sticks-firewood/1029607452" alt="1029607452" /></p>


  10. <p>Let me know if you are still after kindling we are just off j 19 M6, and produce kindling from clean dry offcuts. Either £1.5 or 1.60 per bag depending on size orange standard nets £1.5 incl VAT 50cm by 40 cm</p>

  11. The diary of a kindling maker

    getting more enquiries regarding kindling this summer than we did last summer. Still having to compete with people knocking sticks out at £1/bag dont know how, unless their timber is free!
  12. The diary of a kindling maker

    gensetsteve spot on with costs we are in the same boat and people still ring up expecting kindling for £1/bag if they buy 50 We buy wood in at £40/cube and now sell at £1.40 & £1.60 depending on bag size, but that is about to go up.
  13. ANY kindling suppliers Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire?

    we can do 200 at £1.50 + Vat if you collect
  14. So whats the price of kindling going to be this year

    I should have put made from timber yard offcuts all 6 inch and put through kindlet cheers rob
  15. So whats the price of kindling going to be this year

    50x40 mon orange nets £1.50 + VAT. Timber yard offcuts all clean dry and untreated


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