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  1. Decent people/clients

    Took down some holly trees in the back. He never asked me to quote for that. I reckon that beech would have had a TPO on it anyway (I hope)
  2. Decent people/clients

    I was asked to quote the other week and when I got there it was a mature, healthy beech tree 'perfect'. It was road side and if I'd quoted I would have gone in for 4men, 1 day. I knew this guy had already got another quote in. The customer was at work so I called him to ask why it was he wanted the tree reducing and his response was- well it was reduced around 5 years ago before I moved in so I thought I should look after it and get it reduced again. I told him that the tree had never been reduced and explained why there was no need to have this tree reduced, it had been crown lifted in the past and if anything could do with one limb sorting out that was crossing and rubbing with another limb. He thanked me for being honest and said he would recommend me to others. Then I found out he still got the other tree surgeon in to do other works! That guy offered him no advice and would have carried out unecassary work for around £900 and he still got him in, huff! Some people 🙄
  3. the 'todays job' thread

    Here's a summery of my last two days. Four take downs, Ivy hell!
  4. the 'todays job' thread

    Not really but it was quite windy and it creaked a lot, it took me half hour to relax lol.
  5. the 'todays job' thread

    Beech take down for me today
  6. Welcome new members

    Hello Everyone! Just got started on here and thought I'd introduce myself. My names Anna, I'm a tree surgeon and looking to learn some more on SRT and generally have a mooch.
  7. Redwood climb in California

    From the album Work

  8. Grounding/rigging.

    From the album Work

  9. Rec climb

    From the album Work

  10. Take down over a garage and by wires

    From the album Work

  11. Tea top selfie

    From the album Work

  12. Work

  13. TreeFlex harness?????

    Yes. I think I may make do until AA Trade fair and then have a real good look and go for a different harness this time:thumbup1:
  14. TreeFlex harness?????

    I think its the fact that the screw potrudes and the fact that the D-ring of karabiner is constantly catching on it must have caused it to loosen quickly.
  15. TreeFlex harness?????

    Yes it worked out. No I have never put loctite on it, I didn't realise you were ment to I thought that part of the harness was never designed to come apart. It had never come loose before and was not loose at the start of the day.


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