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  1. Firewood processor

    FIREWOOD PROCESSOR LOG SPLITTER for sale in Laois : €3,450 - DoneDeal.co.uk This is from JK fabrications, he has been mentioned on here before. Not bad value for a new machine.
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltOWBEjjwqU&feature=player_embedded]firewood-processor.m4v - YouTube[/ame] Have seen this on a bobcat but never on a rubber duck. I see on their website they are looking for dealers in the UK for the processor. DDM Firewood processsor - European dealer for Hahn hpf 160 Firewood processor
  3. Business cards inspiration

    Ben Juct come across this, looks like better value than £25 for 50 depending on how fancy you are looking to go. https://www.kmmatch.com/werbezundholzer/schachteln
  4. Hakki pilke 2x processor hire ireland

    What you charging and what's your output?
  5. Eco logs

    you need to read this http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/firewood-forum/23292-has-anyone-try-one-these.html
  6. Google Earth Secrets

    Here you go Steve,
  7. Should be the xmas no 1

    fair play, thats quality...
  8. how to fill bulk bags.

    If you look at their video on the website, how they do it is drive into the heap, then hook on the bag and the trap doors on the scoop can be controlled from the cab to fill the bag.
  9. how to fill bulk bags.

    Bagezee poly bag filling system
  10. Processing small thinnings - The Bilke S3

    Bilke cleans up the competition - News & Features, Farming - Independent.ie Dont know what model number this is but comes out of it all right.
  11. firewood for sale ireland

    how well does it dry out in a big heap like that? I guess it will take longer to season than if the wind can easily get through it?
  12. hardwood firewood wanted northern ireland

    Did they not have anything or were they too expensive?
  13. hardwood firewood wanted northern ireland

    Have you tried these?
  14. Delivery time for Firewood

    I guess your right about being busy with tree work, he is only a couple of miles up the road and works all day and night so dont think he is waiting for a days log work.
  15. I just called my local tree surgeon for a load of firewood (crew cab transit tipper) and he told me ill have it in a couple of weeks. Ive typically been able to source my own forewood from various sources FOC so its my first time buying it this way but i thought a 2 week lead time was a bit long. I know im not in a panic for it so its ok now but what lead time do you lot typically have to deliver a load of firewood?


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