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  1. Too much has happened in the last few days, but people power is working Hubert Noditza | Facebook Mat o'b is a faster typer than i , so he might fill you in but hopefully we have this resolved
  2. Hi Guys I know it ain't Arb related but if you have families, you'll understand The guy below Leaving Facebook... | Facebook French pervert Hubert Noditza is in Scotland | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News The Hubert Noditza case. Man avoids jail term by agreeing to leave State - The Irish Times - Sat, Mar 13, 2010 Police seek man who declared love for child - Press & Journal Turned up in our village yesterday at a school fundraiser, he also tried to befriend my family, and actually talked himself into my house. Later on I luckily remembered a conversation 6 months back that I had and the guy fitted the descrip, anyway I called cop shop and a few favours. Anyway , turns out he has been camped outside the village in the forest for 3wks, 200m from where my daughters feed and look after horses! Anyway with the help of the vilagers keen eye and especially matt Ob we pestered the [maybe about 50 calls] police all day today about his where abouts, I understand he was lifted an hour ago. There is a good chance he will be out in 24hrs, please be vigilant, he is a real creepy guy Matt o B will back me up on this one! I don't want to raise a vigilanty mob but it is best to know where these folk are. It's been a stressfull couple of days, my wife and kids are really freaked out, if you see him phone the cops, make his life hell
  3. cheers stevie, always knew mum regretted having you!!!!!!!! Now in full time employment as forester!!!!!!!
  4. Paracetamol, ralgex, brufen and viagra
  5. A group of highly drug and Alcoholic dependant foresters from the Scottish School of Forestry are going to be embarking on their yearly raid of England on the 24th of May for 1 week Lock up your Sheep!!!!!!! We are staying at Sparsholt and are keen to meet up with anyone for a pint, we don't have a clue about any other tree apart from Sitka Spruce so anyone wanting intelectual tree talk stay clear. We are visiting Westonbirt Arboreatum one day and a few other sites but would be keen to hear of any sites/forests that people feel may be of interest. There will be a group of 9 students made up of 2 vegans [cornwall hippies] I crazy tall druggie chick [weaggie] 1 wild essex boy [don't ask] 1 wide boy from london [you'll know him] 1 crazy highlander [:rock:] 1 decent chap [me] 1 shy highlander [he used to work in thetford ] another guy from Inverness who doesn't conform to stereo typing Oh and 1 lecturer , who is clinicaly insane Note- we are nice folk,like to drink and haven't a scooby about trees and stuff. Because of our substance abuse we have never been allowed to climb trees and s*** like that, we do however like big harvesters and forwarders. So if you want a pint or 2, can give info on cheap lap dancing bars in winchester or budget drinking holes in and around the college , please get in touch.
  6. You do see them now and then, I've seen quite a few, other folk have been on the ground all their lives and never seen one. I was involved in some work a couple of years ago, setting up some projects, here's a link to some info Cairngorms National Park Authority: Search Results Northshots ... images from Nature Highland Tiger : The Scottish Wildcat
  7. Firewood is the answer, no money in milling small scale as the quality won't be in it, that stuff at Nodsdale is hybrid isn't it?
  8. An old post , but I'll throw in my pennies worth anyway Because of the spec for poles, they have to be scraped by hand, rollers on power feed dig too deeply into the log, hence mm felling rather than a harvester. The powersaw attachments were too heavy and slower than a decent bloke with a spade. I was talking to one of the pole buyers yesterday, the going rate for peeling is £4 -£6 a pole dependent on size, some lads are earning £180 -£240 a day, they surely earn it but theirs no outlay
  9. Scottish school of forestry do a BSc Sustainable Forest Management (with Forest Conservation or with Arboriculture and Urban Forestry) So you can specialise in either Arb or Forestry. Good luck
  10. As above, no need to climb. Best to get a copy of the "blue book"
  11. must admit I've never heard of anyone selling single small loads of chip, not sure if they'd take it , remember it would have to be cut to their spec. , say 2.5 Price wise I'm not sure right now but you'd be looking at £7 - £9 a ton last I heard, not a huge amount more. I would probably look at softwood wood fuel market or chipping for fuel and selling private. These are worse case scenarios though Look around for local saw mills they might take any red logs for fencing material and possibly palletwood. Good luck The best thing for the site would be the removal of the lp and replanting with a more viable crop , long run it'll be worth while but for the conversion you'll probably take a hit, not sure what the position is with grants in England right now but give FC a shout, you might get £ for restructuring or exotic removal for the site.
  12. You get what you put in! Colleges wont hold your hand the same way schools will, if the college hasn't time to give you climbing practice, get of your arse and get some in yourself , go round any local companies and offer you services in return for experience. Good college work along with good practicle experience will surely give you a good worker, as long as the possess the skills needed, and not suffer from vertigo!!!! Thats why I'm in forestry! 1 cut at the bottom , bish bash boom!
  13. stalking with clients at dereks today, dried up thank fcuk, is it wet with you

  14. you been on the vimto? cheeky****


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