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  1. Hiya all, I was wondering if anyone had ever worked for Davey in Vancouver. Or for Davey anywhere for that matter... or indeed for anyone in Vancouver. Just putting the feelers out; standard/variety of work, good/bad points of doing a stint in Canada. Cheers
  2. thanks all for the tips. very helpful. particularly like the cheeky stick idea
  3. could anyone give some advice on gettin nice accurate straight parallel hinges when fellin medium/large stems? been in the game a couple of years and most of the time i get it right but the odd time when it feels right but i look at the stump after and think jesus! thats awful. i.e back cut is slanted/hinge is way off. where are you looking when you start the back cut? is it just a matter of practice? its not the kind of thing you wanna get wrong really. cheers
  4. i think us army of unemployed north westerners should set up together and take over.
  5. hi all im doing an arb degree and im on work placement year at the moment. ive done work abroad and now after work experience in gtr. manchester for up to 6 months. im 27, hard working and have ground and aerial experience. i have all my own climbing kit and protective gear and transport. willing to work anywhere in manc or surrounding area. WILL WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE. if anyone could offer me anything please send me a pm. cheers.
  6. cold turkey, best way. i was a gibbering wreck for about 4 days when i tried. but just keep thinking about how good it feels to be able to breathe properly again. you will have more energy, bigger appetite and a clearer head if you can last that 4 days. best of luck.
  7. great job mate. grudgingly very envious. i got to climb a kauri the other week. alas it was only about 5 metres tall.
  8. that was inspiring mate. smooth as ya like. cheers for that
  9. also helps to have reasonable degree of mechanical nouse. something of which, i might add, i have about as much as yer average blonde.
  10. has to really enjoy what he does and be able to take shxt on the chin. and have a sense of humour, otherwise youd just get too fxxked off with it.. mi thinks
  11. i still dont consider myself a tree surgeon as ive only been climbing a year (plus 2 years on the ground and 1 year at college) and there is so so much more i have to learn. if someone asks me what i do though i say 'i do tree work'. they usually think im some kind of lumberjack but i can be axxd explaining what a tree surgeon/arborist is. in the UK 9 out of 10 people wont have a clue what an arborist is. in NZ though evryone seems to know what arborists do for a living. weird.
  12. got one across my ankle a bit ago. had my foot hooked under a branch as i cut it to try and flip it over a shed as it fell. the branch just hit the shed and i ended up booting the silky blade. bled for ages. felt like a right tit./
  13. 35 degrees yesterday in picton. haha. :thumbup1:bliss
  14. amazing trees. the ones growing around the bay of plenty area are incredible. theyre massive multistemmed monsters with loads of mad aerial roots. think theyre highly protected. if theres one growing too near your house, you move your house, not the tree.


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