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  1. Heres my new toy! Only had it a couple of weeks!
  2. I've recently boutgh a new hilux (September 2011) and havent really towed anything of any weight with it yet, I went for the invincible double cab and have used it for moving logs across fields and as a car for myself, it's round town fuel is about 30/31 to the gallon and on the motorway it will cruise nicely doing 38mpg. It's very comfy to drive, and the cup holders are very handy!
  3. Joe

    Beech trunks

    Evening everyone, I have 2 beech trunks that are both roughly 3 foot wide by 6 foot long, are they worth anything to anyone for anything other than firewood? If Anyone s interested they would have to be collected from Coventry Ay comments / advice much appreciated
  4. I had one on a 57 reg, wicked little van, towed my 6x4 iforwilliams full of logs fine. Excellent on fuel and had loads of storage behind the seats and above. Held its value really well and if I was to ever get another small van I would get one again for sure
  5. Joe

    iPad love it

    I have an iPad 2 and it's awesome! Brilliant for web browsing and arbtalking at work haha!
  6. Joe

    my new pick up

    Picked the truck up after work tonight, and it's bloody awesome! Absolutely in love with it!
  7. I'd become a 132kv linesman for the power board
  8. Yeah that helmet will be fine, the thing that makes it a climbing helmet is because it has got a better strap on it and gives protection from the side as well as above.
  9. Joe

    my new pick up

    Yeah that's exactly what I mean Jamie . Yeah I'm hoping I manage to avoid denting it too soon! I went for a hilux because I've driven them loads before and think there practical, they hold there value well and there not too bad on fuel, oh and I think they look the dogs . And yes it's commercial insurance.
  10. Joe

    my new pick up

    Haha she's still 'just' my girlfriend Steve! And yeah it is the 3l one. And the insurance s £114 a month with my dad being the policy holder
  11. Joe

    my new pick up

    Kids? Your joking Steve I'm 19 haha!
  12. Joe

    my new pick up

    just a couple of pics of my new truck i get on friday! sooooo excited! :thumbup:
  13. Joe

    Splicing workshop

    Have been on this course and it was excellent, learnt a lot and it was very informal, chilled out and interesting! Worth every penny IMO. I hope you manage to get the numbers up nod!


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