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  1. Cool, looks like im getting somewhere now Cheers for the reply. Any one care to shed some light into medium and large tree stuff?
  2. hey all been a while since ive posted in here, looking for help sorry if its in the wrong place, done my medium and large tree and windblow training what feels like about 3 months ago but think it was only a few weeks ago. Right medium and large trees, 2 cuts, gub as normal then bore in front of gub mark either side and boar in again on outside of tree for start of back cut and carry on walking round tree til she falls. If she get hung up and you can get it down with out a winch, 2 about 1 to 2 inch cuts from what ever side you dont want it to fall then a wedge out the front until she comes down, with a winch set up winch, cutters in control and calls the shots, cut about 2 inch from back on hinge on what ever side your not pulling tree towards and finally, dog tooth cut for bigger trees gub, bore in from one side, pray its about right then bore in from other side (with about 20 sticks sticking out the tree so i can try and make my cuts meet) not coming right though the back and then either cutting 45 degree to release or about and inch under both cuts to release. Windblow: step cut - underneath then top cut towards head of tree (no winch) other cuts are J cut and v cut. With winch step cut again but other way round under cut then towards root plate for top cut. is that about right? im not the best a putting things from my head to words. My head is pickled and i hate assessment and questions and read questions and trying to remember the answers to the questions. People with out training that have never cut windblow before please dont use this as the bible and go try it get proper training or someone else who has expereince of windblow to help and talk you through it.
  3. cool cheers, I cant see any reason why it wouldnt do, but just wanted to double check.
  4. Hey all, The wife seen me climbing a tree and said oh that looks fun as in i think i might want to give that a go. Anyway the reason for said post, were both into rock climbing and have harness' for that and i have a harness for tree work but theres a significant size difference between me and her so im wondering if it would be ok to use a rock climbing harness to give her a wee taster. I think i already know the answer. Cheers lovely arbtalkers! :thumbup:
  5. Great to hear, best start saving for this years tickets 10ks a massive target to beat!
  6. tickets bought or donation made 1 or the other happened
  7. If you got van option something to look at it the citreon berlingo 5 seat thing peugeot partners as well, the way i look at it is you buy 1 it looks like a van but had back windows ad 3 seats in the back take the seats out and you have a van insured as a 5 door 5 seater car rather than van insurance which can be pricy and a pain to find the right cover, just an option if you got van route there are others as well then the 2 i mentioned.
  8. hello all, im looking for some work in ayrshire, i have chainsaw tickets, CS 30, CS 31, CS 38, CS 39, first aid certificate, full clean driving licence, own car, age 22, its been a while since i have done anything tree related and im starting to forget some of the stuff since im not using it, so im not looking for climbing work or anything, tea boy, chipper bitch, in general to some it up nicely a general labourer. cheers Alasdair
  9. nice motor john, hope you have lots of fun in it.
  10. hey mate did you find out any more about this as my mate got pretty much the same email but hes selling a 205?
  11. would i be right in saying they will not pay out for you to remove the tree because your price was to dear but if "John's" mate done it then they would pay out? That just shows what kind of state the country is in and why i dont like insurance companies.
  12. good luck mate hope it all goes very well for you.
  13. i dont think he can access your details on paypal or from paypal but dont quote me on that, if it dont feel right mate not do it, like its been said meet face to face. or tell him to sod off an find another buyer.
  14. is it starting to happen then? the interents starting to look better and bigger and put small buisness' out of buisness, im not disagreeing with you guys youve got to go with whos cheaper but i always thought chains and stuff like that the smaller stuff of the buisness shall we say would be local buisness'.


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