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  1. you have some valid points, i have a clause written into my contract that if i receive any training at an expense and leave the company with 2 years of said expense, i have to pay it back, so im not going to make a run for it, YOU dont know what company i work for, therefore YOU have no idea of the companys income. I dont have a "chip" on my shoulder, im merely after what i should have
  2. i wish i had a choice of where to work, but sadly not.
  3. that would be good if it could be done that way, ive been told that i have to pay for damages if i break something, fair enough, but im not gona pay for something ive broke, doing a job i dont have the ticket for. its all about blame these days, hence everyone wanting proof of tickets.
  4. ive also tried that, with the sectional, stump grinder and chipper courses, again, told no they have put some guys through lowering, sectional, mewp and stump grinder, all paid for by the company, so i shouldnt need to pay.
  5. to cut a long story short, ive stopped doing sectional dismantling at my work, ive asked many times for the correct nptc ticket and been told no. so, what do i legally need to do my work?? i have cs30, 31, 38 and 39. im expected to do all aspects of tree work i regularly get sent to dismantles, crown shaping and reduction, felling large trees, working from mewps, using a chipper ( tracked, tow along and tractor mounted ) tractor mounted winch, using pole saws, spraying pesticides and alot more, but that gives an idea of what im expected to do, without the qualifications to do it. so, am i being an arse?? or do i have a point to say no, if i dont have the ticket?? i wil also add that ive been employed with the company i work for since feb 2008, so all this has been since then.
  6. This topic has gave me lots of information, i was going to apply for my working visa, but trees being the only thing im good at, and the fact im 31, its not looking good for me, i really wish i had got my finger out when i was younger!
  7. This is my first raffle, super glad to be part of it, prizes are superb.
  8. yea still got it, its for sale, got a pal in sweden coming over to pic it up next month to take it back over with him.

  9. good stuff bro, yea, i give the place another 6 months till they have to shut shop.

  10. yo, privates are going to ****, hardly anywork, were jumping between council stuff and line work the now, place is still ****, hows life down there?

  11. cammy is staying with us, now heard were getting bates boy, coppers boy and bidy from balfours boy, so thats the privates now a 2 man 4 boy team, no tidy up for me or kirk now, but dam, customers are gona get a fright, 6 wierdos jumping out the van to reshape a fruit tree lol

  12. sweet, bates's boy is starting next monday, heard hes a meant to be coming on the privates with me and kirk

  13. arbgarry

    rope help

    ahh, ok, shows that i know nothing, mabe im better just forgetting it, lol
  14. arbgarry

    rope help

    thanks, i know how to do a ring and back splice, but not how to get my 3 seperat lenght of rope into one lenght of rope to start work on
  15. thanks, looking forward to using them
  16. arbgarry

    rope help

    ok, thanks for the help
  17. ahh, na london aint for me, far to many wierdos and sand dancers

  18. arbgarry

    rope help

    ok, i have a spare rope that id like to make into a 3 strand lenght with two eye splices, i havnt got a clue how to do it though so any help would be great this is what i have, 3 x 12 foot lenghts of new england rope
  19. Ive just ordered a pair, looking forward to warm dry hands
  20. how do wull, you back home then? heard you phoned for a job, theres nothing going, scottish power are holding back money, so could be pay offs again

  21. not if your where i am and you were
  22. 40% of the tree, top was leaning towards the garden, 2 ornimental fruit trees directly below so everything hand to be semi small. topped 6 trees in total from yesterday, all are a matching height i find it hard not to shout out something when im cutting lumps out lol
  23. just the one cut, customer wanted a 40% reduction on a mature chestnut, took a little more to try and get a shape on it, im back tomorrow to do the tidy up so will get some pics of the finished thing [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryZoPay97Zo]YouTube - horse chestnut 40% reduction[/ame]
  24. im 17 miles to the yard, we cover a large area so could be anywhere from Edinburgh to just over the border


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