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Collecting wood

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I've noticed during my internet trawling of anything remotely connected to burning wood/logs, there's quite a lot of reference to collecting/having access to free wood....


I just wondered where they stand legally, if anyone knows that is...


I know collecting on private land obviously requires land owners permission but


...is it legal to collect from a council owned wood on common land?


I'm only thinking of fallen branches etc....I'm not contemplating taking a chainsaw to a 100 year old oak tree or anything remotely similar....

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Don't know how legal it is but any wood that comes down in the lanes round here, ends up thrown in the ditch and no one has complained about me chopping it up and taking it home - even the local land owner thanked me and pointed to some more I could have.


The rules I use are don't trespass, if it is damn obvious whose wood it is, ask for permisssion and always clear up behind you! Oh...and if it has been stacked up neatly - it is someone elses property!!!


I have had decent amonts by asking at local farms, the rest is dragged out of local ditches:thumbup:


Just don't take the piss!

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Pretty sure you need permission for collecting any dead wood mate. If it's common land the council are probably considered the land owners. I've got permission for dead wood on some army training estate but I'm not allowed and power tools for insurance purposes. Also can't take a vehicle anywhere the public wouldn't normally be allowed so it's very limiting to what I can take.

Even if you were doing a public service by clearing a blocked road you are breaking the law if you put the wood in your car. Bit mental really

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I own trees that are next to a road, costs me £200 a year to insure them against dropping onto a car in a storm. The fallen branches still belong to the owner of the tree, while most will be happy that they are taken away you should seek permission. I had an Ash branch come down a few days ago, it was laying on the verge for less than a day before it vanished.



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