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  1. As a long term user of this stuff I can say that it has definitely helped protect my machinery from the effects of ethanol damage that I see every day in all the other engines that I repair.. in fact the combined costs due to ethanol globally must be truly enormous cancelling any box ticking green agenda piss. Although I'm not so sure about it protecting against E85.... B3C Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser 118ml - Treats up to 150L WEIBANG.UK.COM PREVENT future engine problems with Ethanol ShieldSUITABLE for power equipment with either 2 or...
  2. Macpherson

    Stihl recall

    I don't understand your comment, how else would you cut stone ? it's just a chainsaw with a different cutting tool. Mine gets used every other day and I'm very grateful for it's existence. If I had to guess I'd imagine you get asked to fix endless TS 400's owned and completely fecked by mechanically inept and clueless builders.. in which case I sympathise and totally agree with you. 😁
  3. A band saw Alaskan WTF not.. good stuff, go for it mate, as for your age... I'm jealous 👍
  4. Glad you've got it figured out, cheers.
  5. I guess that's wot I was saying... 👍
  6. Suppose you'd have to buy it to try it..... If you want to get into milling I'd go for the Alaskan or the chinky copy which gets a reasonable crit and is probably cheaper, cheers.
  7. Macpherson

    Oil leak

    I've found similar and like you put it down to a very hot engine ceasing to be cooled by the flywheel when stopped and the air pressure in the tank being increased by the temp rise forcing oil through...very annoying when it makes a right mess of a previously clean surface 👍 The tank vent seems to let air in but not out so when that happens to fail a lot of oil can be lost out of it when using the saw tilted well over... as you do, and on my ' older ' Stihl models the vent overflows into the same area behind the clutch, drips out under the sprocket and had me flummoxed for a while.
  8. Me too, a capable inbetweener, solid but portable and a good price when I got mine 👍
  9. Yeah, If push comes to shove I'll do a 150 mile trip.. often the cheapest as well 👍
  10. Yep same, can't get any cement up here.
  11. 266 as well by any chance👍
  12. Lovely to see quality work like yours 👍
  13. Yep, there's no doubt that Monsanto are global poisoners.... This doesn't really make our news with any impact, what a surprise ! I use this source but there are many others. Roundup Maker to Pay $10 Billion to Settle Cancer Suits - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Bayer faced tens of thousands of claims linking the weedkiller to cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Some of the money is...
  14. Yep, even with the Stihl bar the bolts are only just long enough and no more. I suppose at least for these bolts you can just use easy to find M8 nuts and bolts. I fitted my new brackets today and although I can see that they'll not snap like the old ones, I didn't like the way that the U bolt ends a nuts now stick out right at the saw's oil tank and lose me a 1/2" in the max cut + another 1/4" to be safe... so I turned the end bracket next to the saw round but that means reading the scale doesn't line up, pita. I can see that I'll probably weld up and strengthen the originals and refit that next to the saw, if I ever get round to it....I'm not bothered about the unified threads and I love milling with it, but considering the price of a mill now I'm not super impressed with the ' all American ' engineering... hope tomorrow goes better, cheers.
  15. Hi, There's been quite a lot of stuff on here on this subject so if you search you'll find it all but fwiw pulse induction detectors used for beech detecting seem to have the deepest reach in wet wood, I use a Cscope cs4pi which might be a bit old hat by now but it finds metal at varying depths depending on uncertain variables, cheers.


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