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  1. Macpherson

    Hedge cutters

    Also pretty much fully charged again in an hour , ready to go again.........yeah it's the hedgecutter that gasses me the most
  2. Macpherson

    Teak oil

    Yeap, it's the most relevant part of any oil treatment .... but also frustrating to use as it can take so long to dry, I've been using driers in conjunction with the Tung for a while..... they make a big difference and I've achieved my best results in this way, if you can get a mixture formula that you find to work for you , it's by far the cheapest way to go, cheers.....Having said that Osmo's also great but costly. https://www.rustins.ltd/rustins/our-products/decorating-products/paint-driers
  3. Macpherson

    Treating sapling stumps

    1 more for just pulling them out if there that small...I've done this successfully many times.
  4. Macpherson

    5G and is it harmful?

    This article and video explains how it works in comparison to the previous and current system which many believe is already unhealthy. https://www.radiationhealthrisks.com/5g-cell-towers-dangerous/
  5. Macpherson

    5G and is it harmful?

    The way I'm reading it there will be nowhere on the planet where you will be able to escape the 5G signal due to the total global satellite system that's been deployed..... also I've read that some of the microwave frequencies being used are the same or close to that used to excite water molecules in your kitchen !!..... but most of today's dummies won't care as long as they can download netflix quicker. Cheers.
  6. Macpherson

    Wood treatment.

    Personally I'd stay away from anything water based as imo they're all crap... this place does a wide variety of products.... https://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/ I can recommend the barrettine premier wood preserver { not the cheap one ] and also their log cabin treatment.....and I'd coat each plank with preserver prior to assembly, cheers.
  7. Macpherson

    Today's milling

    Got the same problem....nerve pinching spasm seams to be relaxing after 4 or 5 days, ouch, cheers.
  8. Macpherson

    Do these trees need to come down?

    Aye, the sap turns everything black n your gutters get stuffed
  9. Macpherson

    Show us your fencing!!

    Yep, I had one the same before it had a Titan label, £90....did a hell of a lot of work before I let a mate use it...he got it wet and it vaporised the brush holders... min order 1000 pairs on Alibaba. stripped it completely.... zero signs of wear....pity you just can't get parts Replaced it for similar off ebay
  10. Macpherson

    Do these trees need to come down?

    + 1 for this , if you take large limbs off Birch, particularly mature and this species they'll rot real quick up here, there's a lot like that near me and they seldom get blown down, they'll often to lose a branch rather than being blown over...they tend to tear often leaving the limb hanging......nice trees but it's your shout, Must be creating a lot of shade when in leaf... are you facing west and they're stealing your sunset😎
  11. Macpherson

    Ticks away!

    Yeah, I've worked in the midges most of my life...preventing them getting in is no doubt the best solution... the same goes for ticks. As far as lyme goes imo it's well worth arming yourself with up to date info and staying aware and checking yourself thoroughly each night...as if your unlucky enough to get infected recognising the symptoms quickly is key and it's unlikely that your GP will have a scoobydoo. I had a lyme test done a couple of years ago by a busy GP practice in Glasgow....the nurse that took the blood has been there for years and she let it slip that it was the first Lyme test she'd ever been involved with and the GP couldn't tell me where they would send the sample to be tested... apparently that's important as many tests are inconclusive. cheers.
  12. Macpherson

    Ticks away!

    Ok it kills insects.. but it won't do you any good either....also melts plastic and fecks up the taped seals on VERY expensive breathable fabrics....it's the active ingredient in jungle formula and many other nasty products, there are much more friendly alternatives, you just have to try then till you find something that suits you... If any arsehole sprays Permethrin anywhere near me just to kill a fly I GTF pronto after offering to shove the can right up their wotsit... it's evil shit. Here's a link if anyone can be bothered https://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/survivalist/2012/04/toxic-truth-about-deet-and-peremethrin
  13. Macpherson

    Climate change anyone?

    Essentially.... our beautiful blue oasis in the vastness of our part of the universe is very much like a petri dish in a lab with various bacteria in it, to use an analogy .....sealed and in balance [ or not ] to all intents and purposes, from our very limited point of view. Unfortunately for the whole of this balanced ecosystem some clever folk discovered stuff and stupidly trusted this information to the other anthropoids like the ones that I stand next to in the pub, in order to make money For eons all was in balance.... just like the delicate balance that is on going in each of our super complicated bodies.... What arrogance is displayed when we presume to know anything definitively after the tiny amount of time that we THINK we've found any answers in. On this planet it's only man that shits in his own nest... but it's all the millions of other species that are paying the price of our stupidity as we destroy the environment in our endless pursuit of greed and which may well prove to be the well deserved Achilles heal of the human races 'cancer' of the system.
  14. Macpherson

    Climate change anyone?

    Hi, so like me, you also believe that the tide is out at the moment. I'm not up to speed enough on the subject of radiation to be able to discuss the properties of one form from the other but the ongoing under reporting of the Japanese disaster which some say is already thousands of time worse than Chernobyl is possibly a crime in itself. I can't see that it will ever be possible to move the radioactive material at all.... many of these elements never before existed so what effect will their lack of containment will have on nature ?.. who can say. cheers
  15. Macpherson

    Climate change anyone?

    Regardless of whatever side of this argument any individual takes there's one uncomfortable fact that's just never mentioned bearing in mind that no-one denies that the planet goes through cycles of heat and cold. We know that the ice will melt to some degree at some point...therefore the fuse to the end of most life on this planet has been set and the blue touch paper lit. There are currently 450 ish nuclear power stations globally, most at sea level....The sea level rise models being banded about at the moment will see most of them submerged...plutonium has a half life of 241000 years ! Not to mention Fukushima.... { as our media isn't } .... It may already be an unfolding global extinction level event .... and yet probably not as important as the brexit pish. Just my take on it


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