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  1. Hi, just bought one of these s/h for similar reasons, might have a stronger frame..there's a whole range of sizes but they're a bit pricey new, cheers. Shop For Gazebo WWW.GALATENT.CO.UK Sells a wide range of shapes and sizes of commercial and recreational quality pop up gazebos, delivered next day free in uk.
  2. Wish I had a tractor.......
  3. Husky tongs are bigger than Stihl which I find to be annoyingly just a wee bit small but Oregon do them just a tad bigger than the Huskys and with better more comfortable grips this makes all the difference, I've got all three and the quality of each is about the same.
  4. Hi, if it's a regular bearing the numbers are usually etched on the side of the outer race, I now usually buy bearings on fleabay....generally the easiest way to get them. If you can't see numbers, measure the bearing with vernier calipers and google for a match, cheers.
  5. Hi, I did this recently...4mm clearance according to this, cheers Using Chemical Fixings Or Anchors | How to Use Chemical Fixings and Resin Anchors | DIY Doctor WWW.DIYDOCTOR.ORG.UK Chemical Fixings and Resin Anchors - How to correctly use chemical fixings and resins to anchor into brick and blockwork and avoid splits and cracks
  6. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    Yep, Love the smell.....it didn't last long ! I'm thinking that the problem with alcohol in petrol is the petrol..... maybe I should mix some Stihl green with some pure spirit😄
  7. Great video, thanks. By coincidence I also used melamine on my router sleds to make them fairly frictionless. I also think that the key to doing either of these processes, planing or routing, is a large flat surface.... after you've got that to screw/ clamp onto the rest is simple and it would be hard to go wrong, I use a 5 x 2m deck that's about 2 feet off the ground....a couple of rails fixed to this and then any sled you like to make, I've got a few different widths, very easy to make and cost nothing.....I can see a large handheld plane on my shopping list, cheers.
  8. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    Yep, you just beat me to it. I remember as a school boy running a Bantam on methanol....It went like shit off the proverbial hot shovel. Running a low comp engine on high octane fuel may only be a waste whereas running a high comp engine on low octane fuel can definitely cause damage.
  9. Very nice looking tool as said....you'd probably need the second biggest and at best part of a grand by the time you get it...not exactly cheap, but I suppose if you had a lot of work for it you could make it pay. My home made wooden router sled cost nothing and works well but is simple, rough and ready and no comparison to that set up... cheers.
  10. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    I've no probs leaving the fuel in the tank with ethanol shield, saws outboards and various other stuff, I'm in no doubt that the fuel may be able to last for a while... but it doesn't stop it attracting H2O if conditions are damp... which is very annoying. I know it's a chainsaw forum......but many folk use petrol powered machines that are far more expensive and important than saws, the truth of the matter is, that the effect on saws or any other engine that get used regularly is minimal as the fuel goes through quick and it's gone, so your constantly adding fresh..... this is completely different to many other applications where you have any kind of petrol powered machine that you use occasionally, but then again ...just my take on the problem
  11. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    I thought I 'd put a link to this short video on the subject of ethanol, it's funny how that in the USA this is an issue that's out there and has been for some time.... whereas here in UK perhaps a few folk on various small forums may be gradually catching on but there's virtually no mainstream general info in circulation and a very low level of general knowledge on the subject. Also when you google or look on ebay for " fuel tester for ethanol "....A simple graduated test tube... there's nothing at all available for sale in this country although in the USA it would seem that such a tool would be every mechanics toolbox ....'they' simply don't want the subject discussed here. When's the last time you heard a mechanic at your local garage diagnosing an ethanol related problem ? In fact most of the mechanics that I know are either unaware, glaze over when the subject's mentioned or just simply dismiss the idea.
  12. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    Then I'll just take that as fact then ! Without wanting contradict you at all, it's interesting that when I google it now....your right......But a couple of years ago, when I did the same thing, all UK petrol was E10....and as I said, didn't know about the diesel. You can't believe a single thing your fed by any government or corporation. The only way to find out is to test it for yourself
  13. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    I don't suppose it does anything to big engines though 🙄 Who knows what the true global costs of these policies are and who's agenda it is in the first place. Didn't know it was in diesel as well now.....great !!
  14. I have a mostly beach garden hedge and I wish that 20 years ago I hadn't been tempted to mix other stuff into it....Hawthorn, Holly, Swedish Whitebeam, Cotoneaster and a bit of Hornbeam...even the Beach isn't all the same. It looks fine and would probably be great as a large wild barrier that gets bashed once a year with a tractor but as a neatly trimmed garden hedge it's a pita as it all comes into leaf at different times and grows at different rates, so what I wanted to be low maintenance definitely isn't, ....lesson learned for me.
  15. Macpherson

    E5 fuel

    Used this for a number of years and believe that it does what it claims, cheers. Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser 118ml WWW.TOOLSTATION.COM Triple antioxidant fuel stabiliser eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems, promoting easy engine starting. Protect machinery from the corrosive effects of ethanol...


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