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  1. yep, half the world seems to be in one ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Yes my sister has emphysema due to life long allergy problems, she's kinda between a rock and a hard place as folk with allergies are one of the groups recommended not to have jabs, if she were to get a bad reaction to either covid, the vaccine or any other respiratory illness I think it would do for her. I did worry for her when all this started but I'm a bit more relaxed about it now as is she, being in one of the vulnerable groups she was offered the jab early on but decided against, she cares for our old mum who's had the Oxford jab and is being careful anyway but other than that she's just getting on with life.
  3. Yes, this would be an interesting figure to know along with a breakdown of the various reasons why, I'd imagine anyone who'd had chemotherapy may be in that category for a start. Also how their lives may be affected further down the road if any kind of health passport is mandated... I read this is happening in Israel for instance.
  4. There's really not much Pine left in Scotland compared to the vast amounts of Sitka, and the Pine that is available tends to be ' I think ' Pinus Sylvestris which I find burns very hot and particularly the horizontal branches that, in a mature tree can be really quite large, very dense and full of resin. What is a bit sad is that when you're working on old buildings often you come across lintels, cladding etc that are of pine species no longer around and even after perhaps 100's of years when cut into it, the wood smells amazing, full of resin and is perfectly preserved as if it was felled yesterday and is often well worth saving. So yes, I'll burn it... but I'd rather see it growing on our hillsides. I know that Sitka spruce is a useful wood if grown in the right place but that's not Scotland or anywhere further south.. it's just a short sighted disgrace that it's here at all, another example of lcd Britain.... rant over
  5. Well I like to think I haven't, but I can see that most around me have.... what's next ? ... financial collapse by design ? It's the real life ' Truman show ' everyone believes just about every lie there sold, it's the mind fog of humanity.
  6. Very much with you there, and to me this carries over into human medicine driven by pharma's corrupt greed. I'm not anti vet and in fact I have a very conscientious and open minded one, but I think it's worth researching any problem that your hairy companion has in order to keep yourself up to date with current thinking and enabling you to have an educated conversation with your vet if treatment is needed... There's no doubt that at the right time removing a dogs sexual urges whether male or female makes them a lot more stable and reliable about the home, cheers.
  7. Yeah the Logosol range look top quality, possibly the best at that level of the market and I've already looked at them but whatever I eventually get I will have it covered in some way even if only a roof, cheers.
  8. Totally agree, the Norwood I've used is old but will probably be cutting logs many years from now... that Norwood you posted looks very much up there and the, Woodland range look real solid although I have to say your Logosol looks shit hot... I'm only fishing atm as I'll not be buying until I can get it under cover.. feckin sick of stuff rusting ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  9. Hi, off the back of this thread I had a good look at the 130 max with a view to a future purchase and it looks like a well engineered solid bit of kit.... my only experience of band mills is with an old Norwood and the 130 looks head n shoulders above that, hope you don't have to wait too long, cheers.
  10. Aye, but the spalted log looked a bit dead ๐Ÿ™„ but we'll not have long to wait for a leaf. '
  11. I'm agreeing with Andy on this they'll rot anyway...... I build my raised beds with 150 x 22 tanalised sarking / fencing boards and I line them with visqueen to keep the soil off. But if you've already got the boards this stuff's quite good, but I'd still stop the soil from contacting the boards, cheers. Barrettine Wood Preserver | Wood Finishes Direct WWW.WOOD-FINISHES-DIRECT.COM Buy Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative at Wood Finishes Direct. Perfect for use on all exterior wood including fences, sheds, summerhouses and decking.
  12. If your talking about Little Feat I was the same, after all you couldn't afford to buy everything back then... I revisited them a few years ago and just bought it all on cd... Lowell George was in the Mothers early on, until Frank told him to start his own band and although his stuff's completely different you can hear the influence hear and there. And the dual lead in that Eden vid fairly takes me back...
  13. Being very young I didn't see him till 1972 ๐Ÿ˜„ and then a further twice in Glasgow, liked his first few albums the most along with the Taste stuff although I've got most of them. As per your last posts I saw Zappa 3 times... would have been 4 if he hadn't of broken his leg, but sadly never got to see Jimi. And yeah, I remember East of Eden. And yes, always hard to lose cherished items to theft, cheers. And I'll throw this in..


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