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  1. I know exactly how you feel as I suffered a similar injury, a partial degloving of the same finger following a motorcycle accident albeit 40 years ago, which became badly infected. As the doctor came to my bed to tell me that they would have to remove my finger to save the hand he noticed a fleeting figure scoot by the open double doors of the ward and quickly chased after him and brought him to look at my festering injury, he was by chance a plastic surgeon who specialised in hand reconstruction and after a quick few seconds inspection he said " I can fix that " and within the hour I was in an ambulance on the way to his hospital, and sure enough a few surgeries and a skin graft later I was fixed, I'll always be grateful for the unlikely circumstances of chance came together for me that day. I hope you mend quickly, cheers
  2. Jeez, did they cut you open to get at the infection, looks like you were lucky not to loose the finger or worse, all the best.
  3. As in ringing a stem and making a reservoir for the solution with something to soak up and hold it letting it be taken in over time hopefully getting to as much of the root system as possible ? That's worked well for me with the Willows but there's always a new one pops up somewhere, nature will always find a way.👍
  4. I've loved this Ray Charles song since I first heard Humble pie's version 50 years ago.. but I never thought about learning it till I heard JM's take... the mans been an inspiration to me since I first heard him playing and l try to take on board all that I can, and which he selflessly is willing to share. This is a good rendition but the JM3 version may be tighter if that's a thing as only 3 of them 👍
  5. I really like the way their leaves shimmer in a breeze and nearly planted one before my neighbour's wife told what would happen, thankfully. I had the same problem with willow.. suckers everywhere, I used Glyphosate and got on top of the problem but I really don't like using the stuff.
  6. Yeah, I agree with you but I am confused as to the manufactures vibe figures.. as they couldn't take any of the cutting info into consideration as that endlessly varies. So it's a kind of useless bit of info as most electric motors don't vibrate with enough amplitude to cause any problem... anyway enough of this, cheers👍
  7. The full picture is complicated for sure and there are many H&S conundrums regarding tool usage👍
  8. Yep, that's what I thought initially.. I have a cheap Chinese battery saw branded Greenworks that I bought years ago and it has such a slow chain speed that it does exactly that on small stuff, but what the m/s2 measurement is referring to on electric powered tools is the very slight vibe you can feel on any of them by just holding on and pulling the trigger. What's measured is the m/s2 acceleration after the change of direction of any oscillation no matter how small.. so I guess that's how the afore mentioned Makita saw can have a greater vibe value than some petrol saws albeit with a tiny amplitude when compared to an IC engine. The vibes of electric motors had really never crossed my mind until a few hours ago other than I know that everything that spins gets balanced, but a quick search found this if anyone's interested, cheers. I know it's from Canada but wtf, Vibration - Measurement, Control and Standards : OSH Answers WWW.CCOHS.CA How can you measure vibration? Are there methods for controlling exposure to vibration? What are some examples...
  9. Fair enough, I suppose thinking about it everything that has moving parts will have vibration that can be measured and quantified and manufacturers are required supply the m/s squared figure. The amplitude of the vibes is probably more important, if that's the right expression.... although frequency must also be an issue. I'm sure someone else can explain this better than me.
  10. I'd take a guess at some form of Hazel. Hazel leaf photo WP10297 WWW.WARRENPHOTOGRAPHIC.CO.UK Photograph of Hazel (Corylus avellana) leaf in late summer. Rights managed white background image.
  11. The AV is to protect the user from the vibes of the petrol engine so not needed on electric tools.
  12. The fence is the aluminium guide on your table that you've been using to set the size the bit of wood ends up when you're putting through the table. I'd say that what @muttley9050 meant was that if you wanted to put a straight edge on a board that's waney edged on both sides [ maybe to make a rustic shelf with a flat back ] then if you temporarily attach something known to be flat like a strip of plywood or whatever to your board, you can then use the fence as a guide for your cut... if that makes sense 👍 Oops, too late🙃
  13. Certainly looks like Lime, but in the 1st pic looks like something else in the bottom RH corner, maybe Sycamore with some Ash above it, and maybe some Ivy in the 2nd.... maybe I'm never sure😊
  14. Was just about to suggest the same as a good cheap option, plus you have the 2 year guarantee👍


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