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  1. I'm simply happy that you read the thing......to me any discussion is a good thing as there's so many live with similar injuries or conditions, and for sure as you said folk need to do more investigating, but It'll not be anytime soon I'd guess. The document to me was only a starting point really ...It took an escalation in my own probs and a lot of reading what others had to say before I decided to try it....so far I don't know what I was nervous about. The fact is that they've suppressed this knowledge since 1980 for probably no other reason than as a common salt it can't be patented.... Also the Boron supplements available in the chemist shops don't get a good crit as in having any effect in comparison to the basic salt. Cheers
  2. Definitely not trying to do that, only passing on the info.....it's up to anyone who's interested to do their own research or not, this stuff's got dozens of uses.... For treating milled lumber Rye oil also sell it in large quantities at a competitive price 👍
  3. Hi, Glad you read it... to be honest most folk glaze over. It's no quick fix and it was a good few months before I slowly noticed any improvement but as these problems take years to become chronic it seems to make sense that any reversal will take time. As Fluoride seems to be a major player in the redirection of Calcium I also dumped toothpaste and replaced it with Bicarb of soda. All the best.
  4. My mate Stuck one of these in a featherbed with a Seeley four leader on the front, fantastic bike, pure ' Ogri ' machine. 👍 As other's have said insurance not a prob back then....1st bike 1949 Beeza c11g, insurance £6....a weeks wages !
  5. I agree with you on that... it's either accurate or it's not fit for purpose, that's essentially engineering, I'm an engineer and accuracy is paramount, therefore this is why I'm so fed up with this dumbed down lowest common denominator society that is today's world. The science your quoting there is mechanical and happened long before these corporate criminals got a foothold to be as invasive as they have become. Just as an example... It's forty years this year since during the Reagan administration Donald Rumsfeld nobbled a panel of scientists who repeatedly refused to allow the artificial sweetener Aspartane into the food chain as it was 400 times sweeter than sugar and made holes in the brains of the rats that they tested it on..... Nobody was fat back then and I don't remember them being so feckin stupid either. Hey, I'm not having a go at you and I enjoy reading your Input... all the best.
  6. I totally agree with you that that's the way it should be, but in practice I don't think so....Far too much money involved. Half the world addicted to pain killers and the other half on anti deps all approved by ' science '.... my ass !! So GSK, Monsanto etc have our's and the planet's best interests at heart.....I don't think so, 'make em sick and keep em sick' is their motto and they've been doing it for a very long time, so fecking long that it's now the accepted norm....There's trillions of $$$ at stake and I'm just super glad that up to now I've avoided their shit.....ffs look at the state of the younger generations , they're completely f-cked up. imo,
  7. Except to say that it's a very long time since any independent scientist had a voice.....they're now known as conspiracists. Is there such a thing as an independent scientist ?...after all they mostly work for the massive conscienceless corporations that, to me, are fecking this world
  8. Yeah, I think that helps too, also tried CBD oil and Arnica gel and over time I thought that they helped, but I get the feeling that now I've been treating myself with a borax solution for a while that it's working at a whole lot of different levels, kinda like ' return to factory settings ' rather than fix that pain now !!... if you know what I mean, cheers
  9. In ANY subject....If you don't look from another angle,, yer fecked 👍
  10. You didn't upset me at all mate, the fact is that any aches and pains I've had pale into insignificance in comparison to the hand that others have been dealt, humbling to hear others stories, all the best. 👍
  11. All I know Is that I came across the posted document by accident..,I was at the end of my tether with my own spinal injury with the consultant telling me that I'd likely lose control of my bowels and bladder not to mention the constant pain....so as I'm now in no doubt that the it's helped me.. I thought I'd share the info.... I remember the Yew thing....if it worked I expect it got buried for the same reasons as cannabis for seizures in kids, the molecules are too complex to synthesise...supposing they managed to find a cure, not a treatment, for any major disease or condition can you imagine just how much money they would lose.
  12. I can answer the !st one but not the second except to say that everyone's different. It's been about 100 years since the pharma industry has been banned from patenting anything from nature and about the same time since doctors have been not allowed to prescribe anything that's not been rigorously tested by the pharma industry, so if they can't make money from it and they can't synthesise it they just bury it... massive " catch 22 " Cheers
  13. Yeah, me too. It was only when one day some years ago while working I was eating tic tacs and had a tendency to stick them in my cheek and let them dissolve...well I did this by mistake with a nurofen and half my head went numb and the lining of my cheek felt burnt....At this point the penny dropped and I realised just how strong these wee sugar coated grenades are and were probably the reason I'd been having heartburn and reflux.
  14. Hi, Although I'm a lot younger than you being 64 😁 I also have suffered most of my adult life from the associated consequences of hard labour, back pain, constant sciatica, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and all the other aches and pains that come with your muscles trying to tear themselves off your skeleton....and then on top of that I started getting negative effects from the Ibruprofen I was using { not excessively } to get through most days which scared the shit out of me when read about it. Anyway, about 4 years ago I discovered this document about a link between inflammation / arthritis and Boron deficiency causing calcification of soft tissue amongst other things and that unchecked inflammation leads to any condition becoming chronic as time goes by, tennis elbow being a classic case. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ea6d/200ae6b8c8213823d1fb5c84cf035ae14493.pdf Now I know that the word " conspiracy " in the title of this paper and the fact that it's a fairly long read will put many folk off, not to mention that everything that conventional medicine has to say on the subject is entirely negative even though there's a whole raft of folk out there who anecdotally share the details of how they've been helped by Sodium Borate. Personally I'd not try to persuade anyone to take anything that your GP may tell you is a poison and all the medical websites warn of danger... Even although I had the stuff as a fungicide for treating freshly milled timber It still took me a year and a half of swithering before I decided to try treating myself and my old dog.... never looked back ! Two and a half years down the line the subtle healing continues, more than 2 years since a single pain killer and able to work like a younger man without being crippled for days after, I simply no longer have any pain anywhere......and the dog plays like a pup at 14, it also sorted her back end problems. I imagine I'll get pelters for this but who gives a feck, all the best.
  15. Yeah, the more conflicting the figures, the more the confusion... it's probably already too late for anyone to work out the truth. To me the very fact that there have been these massive discrepancies right from the beginning in an issue as serious as this can only point to the fact that it's a deliberate tactic. As someone once said..... " when they own the information, they can bend it all they want "


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