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Citizens Advice - top help!


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I'm posting this thread as I might need their help again and last time,  they were excellent! 


Some years back, I was after a large 4x4, a bit of a vanity purchase but, there was a need there.


After the usual research on models and availability,  I went to see an Audi Q7 and, on paper, it was right. A deal was done with the people there. Annoyingly, when I went to collect/pay, a tech issue meant that I couldn't transfer the money (a tech error) so paid with a debit card.


The car was collected late on a Saturday and drove home. Then the hassles appeared. Aircon didn't blow cold, wipers were needing repair and the Audi display was not functioning. I persevered. However, a month later, the air suspension sank to bumpstops and refused to rise. I parked ig while my tears dried on my cheeks. Embarrassment, shame, anger and fed up were the emotions present! 


I tried to call the garage several times but, tbh, got fobbed off. "The guy you need isn't  available ", "he is away from his desk", "send and an email", "what did you expect for £9k?".! So I called Citizens Adivce for advice. I followed their advice. Registered post letters blah blah blah and eventually I was encouraged to talk to the bank. I forwarded the email appertaining to the case to the bank and was right surprised when they said "Fair enough, the cash will snatched from their account on Friday, take it back on the Saturday". 


That was an epic day! The money was in my account, I arrived at the place, rolled it off the trailer and parked it on their lot. The look and comments just showed that they knew they'd screwed up! Yes, I was out of pocket and it took a few months but I got the purchase price back!


I got a call a while back from a chap who had brought a GreenMech from a major company who took it in part exchange. It was a bad one, no service history and buggered. It didn't work..... I told him to go to CAB. He said that the supplier in Andover told him it was sold as seen and had no warranty! At several thousand pounds it did have a warranty and their speel was scare tactics and dubious ploys! The CAB were deployed and he got his refund.


If you got some purchase bother, you don't need an expensive lawyer but take the time with the CAB if the supplier gets stroppy or silent!

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My brother recently came down from Yorkshire to the home counties to buy a Mercedes estate, his last decent car, not cheap, second hand.

Anyway, auto gearbox failed on way home, had to get it towed to nearest garage etc.

The selling garage just gave him his money back, so he went and bought another, which is fine.

The moral? I dunno, maybe choose where you buy carefully, check warranties. 
Glad  it worked out Pete.

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