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Do you love it or hate it?!

Caroline Vickers, Barcham Trees



I have a bit of a 'marmite' situation going on with this tree, can't make up my mind if I love it or hate it!  Does anyone else have a view?


I think I like the freshness and habit of the young tree but feel the mature tree is rather lollopy.


At the Barcham Trees nursery we have some 40-50cm tall trees in 20 litre pots available from September 2019.


Sometimes referred to as the Chile Pine, Araucaria araucana is also a native of Argentina.


This ancient slow growing evergreen tree is well known for its distinctive long slender branches that are densely covered with overlapping spiked leaves. 


Amazingly enough, it was once a native of Britain. The fossilized wood from this tree was highly coveted by Queen Victoria. Otherwise known as Jet, it was used in the making of mourning jewellery.


Hardy in the UK, they are often planted far too close to houses so have to be removed before they get to maturity.


This unusual conifer prefers a moist loamy soil and has great apical dominance drawing the tree up strongly vertical so it is very suited to crown lifting.


Handle with care - the foliage/leaves are very sharp!


The cones are globular up to 20cm in length and take up to three years to mature.


Product spec:- 





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I think they are great trees but view them probably a bit different to you, ie as an arborist and someone who potentially has to climb them. Not the most pleasant trees to work on by any means!

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They do indeed look great in the right place and that needs to be a situation with some formality. 

Then they make a statement.

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‘Pit boss’ trees was another localised name for them apparently, as they were seen as a symbol of wealth when first introduced.

Good ones look amazing, but ones with poor form can look terrible IMO. We’ve got a cracker that was grown from a 6 inch potted sapling picked up at a school fete - as a stand alone feature tree they are superb.

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