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  1. Paul Cleaver

    AA Doing enough to promote themsleves to joe bloggs?

    Valid comment
  2. Paul Cleaver

    Does your Facebook business page bring you in work?

    oh yes I remember that one :)
  3. Paul Cleaver


    I wonder what became of the spotted one
  4. Paul Cleaver

    Check a trade

    when surveying trees/powerlines on open fields - depending how the person approaches me, I sometimes tell them dead pan " Surveying for proposed wind farm site"
  5. Paul Cleaver

    What would you have done?

    I would let the stubborn twat do it whilst recapping my first aid strategy
  6. Paul Cleaver

    Are my trees dying ?

    Not convinced m8 - the pattern of the branch death doesn't look right to me. If no critters, drought damage as mentioned, or some fungal disease we haven't covered
  7. Paul Cleaver

    I quite enjoyed this

    Segovia playing?
  8. Paul Cleaver

    I quite enjoyed this

    one of my favourite programs in the 70s - out of town with jack Hargreaves - im sure im not alone
  9. Paul Cleaver

    Are my trees dying ?

    I don't think so Rushes. Honey fungus tends to pick off odd trees now and again - not all the trees at once. The usual scenario is a dead tree or stump invested by HF, then the rhizomorphs spread from the primary source though the ground picking off odd trees
  10. Paul Cleaver

    Tree of heaven hell for a client

    spot treat it with glyphosate and repeat every year until its gone. There is only so much stored energy available in the root system, once this is depleted, it dies
  11. Paul Cleaver

    How to write content for your tree surgery website

    thanks Steve. I may start up my own business again in the future so I will save this topic
  12. Paul Cleaver

    Are my trees dying ?

    have a close look on live branches for any mites or aphids - the mites will be considerably smaller than the aphids. If you find some take a photo and post on here
  13. Paul Cleaver

    Aphids on tree

  14. Paul Cleaver

    Aphids on tree

    see below
  15. Paul Cleaver


    It might be a good idea to clear it off for a year or two so any new growth lower down on the hedge can grow properly in full light. Its not a situation I have any experience with, but that's what I would do


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