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  1. Looks like a bit of sooty mould to me. Sooty mould grows on the sticky deposits excreted by aphids. Nothing to worry about.
  2. One example that I remember was a tree that caused a person that much anxiety, it was deemed to have caused actual bodily harm to that person, so the Court ruled the tree could be pruned or felled, I cant remember which.
  3. Although tapping was not his invention, he was the first to bring it commercially om the electric guitar, influencing many th the future
  4. She was an exceptional vocalist
  5. tell me a female vocalist with a better tone
  6. The remaining leader is now exposed to the wind. Its a young tree and I would rather take 1m off the top (which is nothing for a young tree as you know), then risk the tree snapping at the original junction. The stem that failed was on the windward side looking at the picture, so the failed stem was protecting the other stem to an extent, from the full force of the wind.
  7. People are sheep . So ****************ing predictable
  8. I had never had such a failure as have the vast majority of you My rule was if in doubt, take the safer option. I think the accident was a brain fart, don't be complacent, always concentrate no matter how menial the task
  9. I suspect and pest and disease problem
  10. Is it on the other side of the tree too
  11. Broccoli is good - rinse under a tap first, then lightly shake
  12. The corner shop - £5.00 a roll again


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