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  1. guying it will reduce the anal twitch by 50%
  2. Maybe - Many yrs ago when I did subsidence reports, The NHBC had a publication showing minimum clearances of trees from houses, to avoid direct damage. I haven't seen any revised additions for a long time.
  3. The tree being that close to the building may be causing direct physical damage to the property too
  4. My god sir. so you are right. Pleas forgive my secondary grammar -lol
  5. thanks for that Chris - saves me explaining. In a 10 % thin I wouldn't expect anything over 3" removed normally if they are rubbing. Out or the two, I would choose to remove the upper branch. With larger diameter branches that are supporting each other, I would hope they will fuse together eventually - not to be touched.
  6. If the tree is older than the house then this could cause soil heave, if the tree is removed. It would depend on other factors too including what Mark said
  7. I loved Neil Pearts drumming and im really upset he is gone - I saw them on the tour of this vid I still have the ticket
  8. I don't think a 10% thin would harm the tree. Try to take rubbing branches as part of the thinning where possible. I remember from yrs ago from an AA report regarding the 1987 storm. Trees that had been crown thinned faired better than those that had not.
  9. audio v video - video won - it was the angels fault
  10. nice legs one the chick far left
  11. But not the tree owner? Your friend might be liable if there is nothing in the contract stating they will gain permission for work on trees owns by 3rd parties
  12. Imagine there is no tree of heaven, its easy if you try.


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