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  1. I love you ….. I know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU3vYa_mBDQ
  2. Yes Stubby rock drummers with a Jazz sensibility are my favourites. I also like Neil Peart and Stu Copeland rites
  3. Its actually Phil Collins and Bill Bruford on this track. Chester Thompson plays on most of this live album though. I think Phil sacked Bill as he wouldn't play as he was told
  4. ah yes seen this a while ago -clever
  5. Sufficient - makes me laugh - between 3 and 10 yrs then ? who knows
  6. This is what I would do if I was in the same position. Check if the tree is in a conservation area or covered by a TPO. If it is, I would contact the LA first. If the tree is not protected I would get an Arboricultural survey done on the tree and if it is recommended for a fell, get a tree surgeon to fell it. If it is dangerous make sure the survey states it will cause damage to your property if it falls over. Do not get a tree surgeon that is in anyway linked the company that carried out the survey. I would not know how I stand legally with this but I would take the chance all things considered. The above statement is not a recommendation to you or anybody else.
  7. very good - great drumming - Stevie wonder groove
  8. Its a crown Gall, a benign growth caused by bacteria. Its That would look nice with the bark stripped off and polished up. Might need to season it first though .
  9. Are the wounds not open to fungal infection for up to 2 yrs? If so then perhaps not so important . The thinking on this may have changed now as this info was dredged from the vaults of my aging temporal lobes.
  10. how about that mott the hoople song- alder young dudes
  11. clogs clogs used to be made of Alder
  12. Traditionally Plums and Cherries were best pruned in mid summer as this was the driest time of the year, and less Silver leaf fungal spores are around.


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