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  1. Mulberry worries

    difficult one - I'm wondering if you have some beetle larvae which burrows inside the base of the leaf stalk , affecting the phloem ??? - its a long shot
  2. Show us ya birds !

    waxwings in spring
  3. Woodland trees next to property

    yes and write to them recorded delivery so they have to sign they received the letter as proof of notification
  4. Whitebeam covered in web

    current dry summer seems its favourable for the species
  5. Glastonbury 2017

    ive been to Glastonbury 3 times - I wish I was there tonight, watching on telly - the fu fighters were predictably AWESOME
  6. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

    bitten last week on the hand - after 12 hrs my hand looked like a rubber glove filled with water!!
  7. Inonotus hispidus?

    put a kidney on it
  8. Nesting birds again

    many yrs ago -we thought we were ok one day on felling a beech (a council owned tree approved for removal) - was absolutely gutted when we discovered there was a barn owl nest with eggs in a hollow in the tree
  9. Advice for a big split limb please?!

    I think a pro should do it too - It shouldn't take too long to get down - I presume there is nothing important to avoid underneath
  10. Making the news today....

    Welcome to Knights Templar-UK
  11. Oak trees

    you just got to love Oaks - they never give up
  12. Making the news today....

    yes - makes me very angry this attitude does
  13. Oak tree recovering from root damage?

    I would make them mulch. You would get nutrients, moisture retention in soil, and it also aids de compaction. oh - I'm off to work - later guys
  14. Transplant shock-ring porous v diffuse porous

    I expect it has had enough irrigation since the planting Gary
  15. Summer pruning of oak trees

    Hi Guy - are you in USA - Cant see any problems with pruning it now - I thought Oak wilt was a fungal disease or is this something else


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