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  1. That Is bad! I think I would take it out and replace it personally
  2. This is a local post for local people - we will have no trouble here
  3. I had allergic reaction to something I ate or touched many years ago. Imagine turning up at potential clients properties looking like a hamster!!!
  4. That would be a last resort.I was just considering a worse case scenario. Bees nest in a cavity in a tree, that cant be rescued. Close to the nest, there is also a progressing crack in a large branch, expanding and contracting in the wind, which is overhanging a house.
  5. I can see what you are saying Edward but he could have at least mentioned the crack and explained why this was not an issue, if that is what he believed. An interesting comment regarding wild bees (honey bees). I have been told by bee keepers that the vibrations from machinery can excite them, so that would obviously be chainsaws and chippers in tree surgery. Find below some interesting facts about what can trigger honey bee aggressiveness. Having read this I would conclude the following. Do not work next to honey bee nests/hives until the onset of frosts in late Autumn and Winter, when they will have died. If emergency or high risk work needs to be carried out beforehand, then the nest should be professionally removed or killed. What makes honey bees aggressive? - Honey Bee Suite WWW.HONEYBEESUITE.COM Are your honey bees aggressive? Has a docile colony suddenly become unruly—chasing, circling, and stinging for no...
  6. The report does not mention the sheer crack on the trunk, the formation of which, is likely to have formed from the depletion of strength of the dead or dying root/roots highlighted in your photograph!
  7. I did not know this. Out of genus list I recognise, I see Lilac, Privet, Jasmin, Osmanthus, Phillyrea and Forsythia. Worth looking out for symptoms on these shrubs too.
  8. I really better get to bed - some blues for ya by Johnny winter - night all
  9. Saw them a few yrs ago. Here is a band I saw many yrs ago with trees in the title
  10. Im not an arableculturalist but I believe this method can be used until black grass becomes a problem
  11. looks like a photinia - but I never knew they got that big
  12. Some good advice above. I will add.Try and keep the trunk, as much as possible, free from soil so it can "breathe".


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