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  1. I would think the wages of CEOs in the above sector would have to increase to compete with CEOs in the private sector, otherwise they would just leave to work in the private sector ?
  2. Or instead of raising the minimum wage and possibly increasing inflation, they should be using money to help the buying of houses more affordable. The country is we are stuck in maelstrom with no way out.
  3. Not a big political aficionado at all but it seems the government seems to cleverly weave political ideologies to suit themselves without being pigeon holed. I think over the last couple of decades with the help of technology, they have more control over our lives. In particular the Brexit scandal, we have moved closer to communism.
  4. just reaching for the popcorn
  5. I have BA in Geology Gary ………..Bugger all
  6. To all music aficionados who get bogged down with the chaos of politics and life in general. Well we have our release. I pity those who don't.
  7. I will be shortly survey trees railside mainly in the South. I expect I will be quite busy. I am expecting some areas where "clumps" (for want of a better word), of ash trees may need felling. If this is the case I will have to determine whether immediate replanting should take place on banked areas to avoid landslip!
  8. No I haven't Garry sounds like I should - thanks for the imput
  9. Ok @EdwardC and @Gary Prentice I see what you are saying. Based on previous cases (which set a precedence for new similar cases ) is seems the law is unfair but a necessary evil with report writing. I have a question. In the terms of reference of a tree report, It could go something like this. "I have been asked by Mr ****** of ****** ****** ******* ***** to inspect the trees on his property and report on their condition, and give recommendations of any works regarded as 1 Necessary to ensure the continuing health of the trees. 2.In the interests of Health and Safety. 3. In the interests of good Arboricultural practice. So the terms of reference should instead be worded how.
  10. Thought of you guys down south Brain Illness Carried By Ticks Discovered At Two Locations In England For The First Time - LADbible WWW.LADBIBLE.COM Public Health England has confirmed tick-borne encephalitis in two locations
  11. When you say "useage" does that cover all potential targets such as a static inanimate object?


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