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  1. Cheers Andy. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Morning team. I’m looking for some feedback on the stump grinder attachment for the avant loader. Does anyone have one? Does anyone rate or hate them? We don’t own our own stump grinder at the moment so the avant 528 + grinder seems like a good idea to me? It would fit into 9/10 jobs round here so size not the issue.
  3. Download the “RiskAssessor pro” app. We do all our risk assessments through that. You can pre set all your day to day hazards and usual staff etc so it’s super easy.
  4. Homebuyers 'plotting move to country' amid increased home working | Property | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Estate agents report rise in buyer registrations around Winchester and Berkshire Will theese people have money to spend sprucing up there new rural retreats? To be fair this what I see as part of the bubble. It’s all covid related. Might last a year or two. So yeah, I guess make hay!
  5. My thoughts are that yes we’re in a bubble and when the economy gives up when furlough ends we’re going to see a lot of one man bands as a result of unemployment and a bit of a bum rush on domestic work, driving prices down as competition goes up. How does one prepare for the burst? Do we avoid unnecessary growth and investment for now? Or make hay while the sun shines and ride the storm when it hits?
  6. Been busy this year? Like, really busy? Lots of people sat at home in their garden, not going on holiday, looking at that tree they have always wanted sorted with some spare furlough money in their pockets. The question is, is this a bubble, and what happens when it busts?
  7. Could be phytophthora, look for purple ish dark ish patches on fallen leaves and black marks on dying twigs. Finding it Increasingly common These days.
  8. What ho, team! Does anyone have a recommendation for a loler inspector in east Devon/west Dorset? It is time.
  9. Cheers buddy, We’re based down near Lyme Regis and there’s a whacking great hole between the two nearest AAC crews so I’m hoping it will be beneficial to us. Like a few people say, it’s also nice to hold yourself to a higher standard. Think I’ll give it a go.
  10. Chris, its been nearly 10 years since this thread. I stumbled upon it because im in the same position you were with all the same considerations. 10 years on, was it the right call? tom


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