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    For sale like new. Bought to split some rings and ran for a couple of hours. Don’t have a need for it now as plans have changed.


    Gloucester , Gloucestershire - GB

  2. Only plastic and wooden base ones left now.
  3. Nothing like you lads but managed to get the last of my wood split and in ibcs ready for next year. Now to find more to carry on stocking up.
  4. I have lots of Ibc cages for sale in Gloucestershire for £20. Some bases are plastic, wood and metal. My number is 07854 923822 Can do a deal if you buy a good amount of them.
  5. Bought one a few months back and it seems pretty good. Handled everything I have put in it and gone over rough ground. moved a fair few tonne of type 1
  6. Hello I was wondering who people have used in the Gloucestershire area to do Cs30/31. when I do a google search a few come up but I would like to hear about who people have actually used. I’m new to chainsaws so need to learn all the basics. Thank you for your time. Mike
  7. Happy new year everyone.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have an amazing day.
  9. Hello I was wondering if there are any tree surgeons that wanted to get rid of any wood they have stored? Happy to pick up and pay or if you just want to get rid of some to make space. thanks Mike
  10. Mikeyb2704

    Mike firewood drop

    Now have a yard so can take larger amounts of wood. Access is across a field but of firm ground.
  11. Thank you very much for the offer Rob. I will give you a call next week
  12. I’m happy with what ever if I’m honest with you
  13. Hello I’m looking for someone who has unprocessed wood they would want to sell. my neighbour and I want to stock up Our wood stores and the bloke we use to use has retired. Happy to collect if that’s any help but only have a navara truck. Thanks Mike
  14. Monster out on a jolly around the fields with me.


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