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  1. Thanks Dan - are you talking about Stuart’s 26hp solis? im personally looking at something a bit bigger , new Holland boomer 55 will lift 900kg load so loading trailers etc no problem. but if I could get away with a smaller machine I’d be all ears
  2. Thanks for your feedback Stuart it’s appreciated - looks like a useful tool. I’m after something bigger that can lift an ibc cage full of wood 600kg aprox. do you transport that in a trailer ?
  3. Thanks for your feedback dumper - out of interest what do you have ?
  4. good evening all. i am looking at buying a machine to make life easier for my business which is typically domestic tree removal , and firewood. Right now the machine winning the race is a compact tractor (boomer 55). I’ve thought of avant, ditch witch etc, but the reason I like the idea of the compact tractor is that I can get it road registered, will drive it to local jobs to assist with work where it can (Most of my work is in a small village ) , the boomer is compact enough for my yard, wouldn’t need a second vehicle and trailer unlike with an avant/ditch witch, however it is only 2ton so could be towed to a job further away should I need that. what I’m posting this up for is to hear of anyone else running a similar tractor and to hear any negatives / reasons to reconsider a avant/ditch witch/ multione etc… i also hope that whatever it is I end up buying will increase the services I offer. lastly I am aware that a compact tractor won’t fit through a domestic gate, but neither will an avant upwards of the 420 which I wouldn’t want anyway as I’d prefer a larger model. I’m aware the tractor won’t be able to be used for every job. thanks all Liam
  5. Liam54

    Fencing cost

    Any fence material suppliers in the South west / North Devon? Or any suppliers able to supply bulk quantities of 6 ft feather edge boards, rails, 4x4 posts and post crete?
  6. Liam54

    Fencing cost

    Some really good bits of advice here thanks all. I agree finding a fence supplier is key to me growing as a business. On this occasion the customer specifically chose a panel they wanted and instructed I purchase it from TP. However I am now on the look out for a supplier. I am based in Barnstaple, north Devon. in regards to the auger only being useful on a digger - would it work well on a 1 ton digger or is it not heavy enough ? I am more than happy to dig holes by hand but I’m also more than happy to invest in some kit that will hopefully allow me to complete more work. I also do tree and gardening work where I could use the mini digger there. Not that keen on buying a digger that wouldn’t access most gardens so I’m really looking at mini diggers specifically if I was to invest. Thanks again 👍🏼
  7. Liam54

    Fencing cost

    nice one looks great !
  8. Liam54

    Fencing cost

    It takes the same amount of effort to attach a £24 panel as it does to attach a £100 panel, and the customer on this particular job has chosen a £100 panel so i am keen to give a fair price. I would feel like i am taking the piss to match labour costs with materials or am i missing something?
  9. Liam54

    Fencing cost

    The reasoning behind the auger is to hopefully speed jobs up. 90% of the time i work alone so an auger to speed up fencing jobs might mean a 3 day job turns into a 2 day job. Which allows my business to get more jobs done.. I have a drainage shovel and a wrecking bar i currently use and it has done me well but i am sure there is a more efficient way of doing things for me personally.
  10. Liam54

    Fencing cost

    Good evening, How much labour fees do people charge for constructing panel fencing with concrete posts and gravel boards? I started fencing last year after a mate wanted 6ft feather edge at his home and from there have constructed a few other fences, all of them being feather edged where i was advised off a local fencer to charge £65 per meter which includes the supply of materials plus the labour. I have now been approached to construct a 6ft panel fence which is 50m in length and has to be concrete post and gravel board. The panels are quite expensive that customer wants still waiting on a price from TP but they arent cheap. So my main question is how much labour fees do you typically charge? I read elsewhere £40 per panel. There will be two of us constructing the fence.. I am also looking at purchasing an auger, I am looking at the one man post hole by 'Digga' and i am also looking at a kangol with auger attachment / option to add other attachments. If any one has experience using this equipment would like to hear good and bad. Cheers Liam
  11. Good evening – I am a qualified arborist living in Braunton, North Devon and I am hoping to sub contract out to a firm in the local area. I have the following tickets. NPTC - Cross cut maintenance, - Felling under 380 - Felling over 380 - Aerial climb / rescue - Aerial cutting + Free fall - Aerial Rigging - Wood Chipper. Lantra - Brush Cutter - Pole Saw First Aid + Forestry ticket. Currently have Level 3 certificate in forestry and arb. Just started diploma. I am also booked on to Aerial tree pruning at the end of September, as well as MEWP course date TBC. I have all my own climbing kit, Rigging kit, saws, plus other tools which may be of use from winches to jacks etc.. I have my own van plus trailer. I also have a Green Mech CS100 if you need a small chipper to access tight spots etc.. I am keen and will turn up on time. If ever you have a job on where you require a climber please do not hesitate to get in touch. I run my own gardening and fencing business but can make that work around climbing work. Thanks for your time liam.
  12. Hi - currently a few months into a new business venture. Subbying out to other firms gaining experience whilst taking on my own work here and there. immediate future sees me remove 25+ leyland hedges. I need a chipper. Also have a few other jobs in the future which will require a chipper rather than a load of trips to the land fill. chipper must be small enough to fit in my trailer as I have a small van for tools and trailer for waste. So a towable chipper is out the question. CS100 looks great but it’s more expensive than other small Chippers. Anyone got any advice? Is the CS100 a no brainer when it comes to small chippers ? Anyone selling one? I can get one for £4800 including vat. also - anyone put leylandi through a small chipper? Was it straight forward or lots of snags? thanks in advance Liam
  13. Any work available in the south west? Barnstaple based. I have 31,32,38,39.
  14. Thanks dan - currently in the process of contacting firms. I’m also looking at getting my utility tickets. Has anyone reading this thread got any experience in utility line surveying?
  15. Thanks - hopefully I can get some work prior to actually getting out. At least i’ll have some experience that way. Something worth mentioning - I have a camper van which i’m happy to travel around the uk and park up close to the job. Although I’m living in north Devon I’m fairly mobile.


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