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  1. Forest2furniture Cheers for that good advice . Just been googling ripper37 bands Thanks
  2. When i had mine installed by the company that provided the stove they did a smoke bomb test . Apparently i didn't need a flue. Six months later i had a couple of bricks come crashing down .swelling and shrinking of bricks up the chimney. Got a flue fitted asap. No problems at all now . Burn logs through the day and evening then one shovel of coal b4 bed . Keeps fire on 24/7. Its great
  3. Hi john I've been looking at Woodland mills for some time now just don't have the space for one at minit. Looking for a property with at least a acre. Mine would be more as a hobby and if i could sell enything its a bonus. So yes go for it.
  4. Its always interesting whatching saw mills . Cheers....
  5. Bet you was gutted to find that they weren't oat. At least you come back with something.
  6. You have had busy day then how many post did you nock out.
  7. Yes quite expensive. Woodland mill hm130 xLwith a few extras is about £8.200.
  8. Morning all... Trgger-andy sorry its took so long a get back on here. Work on roads so long shifts.. I'm looking at Woodland mills HM 130 XL.. nice load you have there keep you busy. What mill do you run.
  9. Thanks for the offer rough hewn. Looking to move to another property so things are abit difficult just now Need to get sorted. Need to get set up But so kind of you. Cheers...
  10. Cheers Rough hewn.. Thats some good info quite a good price guide Has i am a novice at this i appreciate eny advice. Thanks ...
  11. Quite expensive you wouldn't get much then . Depending on size two or three logs . I do have permission in some woods but only trees that have fallen through bad whether. I'm in Doncaster area were would i start to look. Thanks for your info
  12. Can enyone tell me what would I be expected to pay for logs or a log for milling As i am thinking of buying a sawmill . Maximum diameter 30in lets say about 12ft long.


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