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  1. I hate it when my dad gets sad because his sister is dying. Such a downer...... .....Irish humour too dark for you subjects??
  2. Yep, think I will have to up the budget for a PM GB54. Thanks. More new guy questions to come...like paint recommendations for painting ends of slabs.
  3. I ordered the following panther mill: PM-48-GB48 Panther Horizon Chainsaw Mill 48" with GB 48" Lo Pro Milling Bar 3/8 Lo Pro .050 153 drive links My saw is an ms880 with 48' duromatic bar. From reading on this forum I'm hearing that a low pro bar isn't ideal for someone new to milling. Should I only be considering 404 ripping chain with sprocket nosed bar? My budget mightn't stretch to the PM60, especially as I feel I should also be attaching an auxiliary oiler. Now I'm fed up and don't know whether to change my order and if so....to what. Have loads of trees lined up and all my new gear, just waiting on a mill but which one. My budget was totalling around £650 with tax and delivery.
  4. Rob, being a noobie, I'm getting nervous that I've ordered the wrong mill for my ms880. Reading on this forum there may be issues. Should I be going for 404 instead of low pro? I am, in general, not rough on my gear but don't baby it either. The mill I've ordered isn't in stock yet so should I consider a 404 bar instead. Please advise.

    1. Rob D

      Rob D

      Hi - if you are worried then go with the 54" bar on the 48" Mill - what's your full name so I can look at the order - or e-mail me on rob@chainsawbars.co.uk

  5. Now I am worried. I've ordered the low pro 48' panther mill for my ms880...🤔
  6. Just seperated my first root plate, exactly like I was taught to, thank Christ. The stump sat up slowly like an old boy in bed. Its a beech and I think it might be spalted nicely. Hoping to make tables. What do ye think?
  7. Hello from Ireland! I have ordered the following mill to pair up with my Stihl MS880; PM-48-GB48 Panther Horizon Chainsaw Mill 48" with GB 48" Lo Pro Milling Bar 3/8 Lo Pro .050 153 drive links Delivery has been delayed until September 5th due to not being in stock but Panther Mills have offered to include some extra accessories, good folks that they are. Not as much milling is happening on our side as there is in the UK, so I am looking forward to benefitting from your wisdom and guidance. I will be uploading unboxing, assembly, first cuts and further milling videos to my YouTube channel and have some oak, ash, linden, cypress and beech lined up and waiting. Little kid on Christmas morning!


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