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  1. I think people need there weekends off with there family without me ringing them scrounging for work, it can wait until Monday.
  2. Will do on Monday but not over the weekend. By the way I am getting on a bit now, 49 next week with very little experience hopefully I win the lottery soon then I don’t have to work at all! Or get a job at my local council as an arborist and get paid for doing nothing.
  3. You have talked me into it, there is two companies down that area looking for workers, I have got nothing else going on so may as well try it! It’s easy than going through the universal credit palaver. Thanks for the pep talk.
  4. I do want to work but I can’t sleep in the car I have tried, I would be working every day without food unless they gave my a fiver for my dinner every day. I have got a tent but I don’t fancy dying of hypothermia!
  5. Unfortunately I have only got a car, I wish I had a van then I would have done it. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, if I sell my car to buy a van then I have got no transport then I need to change the insurance to a commercial vehicle etc, I maybe making it sound more complicated than it is but nothing seems easy nowadays?
  6. You maybe correct, if you need the money you will do anything. I am probably looking at an hour and a half to two hours in rush hour plus £3.60 in tunnel fees plus diesel and this that and the other, is it worth it? I could stay in a youth hosel for £18 per night, I am skint at the moment and no money for Christmas so I may even do it!
  7. Try Dan at special branch near Durham
  8. Sorry Kevin, a little bit too far to travel every day, thanks, Craig.
  9. Temp work wanted, cs30/31, cs38, blue CSCS card (chainsaw), NPORS lorry loader, IRATA rope access level 1, MEWP, CE driving license, wood chipper, stump grinder, PA1 PA6a, ITC outdoor first aid, EFAW+F, Lantra basic tree survey. I am based in North Tyneside and looking for local work near Newcastle upon Tyne or south Northumberland until December maybe longer, thanks.
  10. Telescopic power pole assessment required in the Tyne and Wear area within the very near future, can anyone do this or recommend someone? Also, chainsaw from MEWP wanted.
  11. Anyone in south Northumberland or North Tyneside can hire me a stump grinder or do the job on Saturday 6th of July in Seaton Deleval, Northumberland ?
  12. I am looking for somewhere in South Northumberland or Tyneside to do some cutting and run in a new chainsaw and make some noise. A Friday afternoon or weekend, thanks.


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