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  1. JonnyRFT

    Need images of tipped wood

  2. JonnyRFT

    Climbers and Ground Operatives in East Anglia.

    Send me a PM with your details buddy. I’ll have a new position opening soon and also our contractor has a couple of positions also.
  3. JonnyRFT

    The Chainsaw of the Future to Arrive in May

    Our demo turned up today. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks using it.
  4. JonnyRFT

    Win a year's supply of Aspen fuel at the Arb Show 2019

    Can I wear a long sleeve and not take questions on why I can’t bend my arm?
  5. 3 bits of Oak and a small Cherry. I was going to build my kitchen out of it but I’m thinking about selling my house now so I won’t be needing it. I was going to get it milled and use my mates big planer/feeder. It’s sat now for about 4 months. Id rather it go to someone who’ll use it instead of me slicing it up. My yard is in Watton, Norfolk. Anyone interested in them? Jonny.
  6. JonnyRFT

    The Chainsaw of the Future to Arrive in May

    Picking up a demo this week
  7. JonnyRFT

    The Milky Way

    That’s so good.
  8. JonnyRFT

    Leylandii topping around sub-station

    As soon as it’s off you’ll be fine. You should get a safety sheet from UKPN when you arrive on site and just be mindful when cutting and positioning.
  9. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Mick, is there much difference between your Multione and an Avant?
  10. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Might want to lend him a rake too!
  11. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    You need some fluffy slipper tracks for indoors
  12. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Your truck to tree ratio is well out!
  13. JonnyRFT

    Coffee table

    Hernia inducing but looks awesome.
  14. JonnyRFT

    Fungal Bracket on Larch

    Goddamn stupid fungi and it’s confusing idents!!!! Haha I will never be PTI level
  15. JonnyRFT

    Fungal Bracket on Larch

    Found it... Phaeolus schweinitzii. Seems like the one. Cheers mate, much appreciated.


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