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  1. tomo567

    Fence posts hard ground

    auger a hole smaller than post size
  2. tomo567

    weeds in a rose hedge

    I think it was called caseron g but it’s banned now
  3. tomo567

    how to deal with an employee

    Forestboy sounds like you have made your mind up more positive than negative good luck
  4. tomo567

    how to deal with an employee

    Sometimes you need a second chance as you weren’t quite ready for the first So tell them to shape up or find another job
  5. tomo567

    Tree identification please

    Second that
  6. Do your 3 day course first and see how you feel about it after that but that can’t gain you much experience that comes from watching experienced climbers and climbing more and more yourself good luck and all the best
  7. You did groundsmen work a long time ago what makes you think that you can climb trees and have taken work on in June good luck if it works but you are 30 now will you body take it and make you anywhere near 75 grand a year all the best
  8. Are they the r ponticum
  9. tomo567

    I’d please

    Could be anything that early on But looks like herbaceous perennial not a shrub Peony does look promising as said above
  10. tomo567

    Blossom tree I'd.

    Looks like a variety of malus Maybe profusion
  11. tomo567

    I’d please

    Viburnum tinus I would say
  12. tomo567

    Logs and Tree Debris for Chipping

    Why not hire a chipper yourself
  13. tomo567

    Looking for work!

    We all started at the bottom and worked our way up the ladder unless I missed something Good luck with finding work
  14. tomo567

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Could it be kretzschmaria


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