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  1. Hi All. If looking for good quality chain check out these guys, we got broken into, other padlocks and security failed, there 22mm chain was untouched. Almax Immobiliser Series VI ULTIMATE 25mm + Squire SS100CS Stronghold Lock WWW.ALMAX-SECURITY-CHAINS.CO.UK Almax Immobiliser Series VI ULTIMATE 25mm + Squire SS100CS Stronghold Lock
  2. Supervisor did not want to take tree in one go as bits dropping of it, sheds, conservatories etc had already been damaged by falling tree.
  3. Crane with lift supervisor and on their insurance £1800
  4. Shogun

    Nissan Cabstar

    Hi Sorry do not know, bought truck of a dealer down south, needed a bit of work done to it, but mileage was quite low, to clean her up we went with a wrap, what was a dull looking chipper box with a couple of patches, rolled out looking new.
  5. Shogun

    Nissan Cabstar

    Hi All, Pic of one of our Arb trucks,
  6. Hi All, Very large around 250 year old Beech decided to drop a massive limb sadly onto a member of the public, cross section through limb shown, the only thing we noticed was how light the timber was for its size. Any thoughts on what we are seeing in the cross section,
  7. While the smallest chipper we have, its mighty for its size Chipper.mp4
  8. Hi All, Mature tree fell into private gardens, no access from houses, as such crane brought in to lift out tree, while on site dismantled a few others.
  9. Hi, We are looking to put together a new team of lead climber, 2nd climber and an apprentice, positions are permanent, vehicle, kit all provided, training package, etc, excellent employment conditions, family friendly, free shares in company, just some of the reasons our employee retention rate is so high. Work is mainly commercial, housing associations, local authority and various trusts. Team will be working on projects based in Central Scotland, however work in Fife, and Edinburgh is increasing. So possibility for a new depot, Pay scale up to £30k
  10. Yes, quote from long standing business more than happy to do job and take timber for fire wood. Not unusual for such a wide range in quotes, had site clearance were contractor was looking to pay us due to volume of saleable timber on site where others wanted paid thousands.
  11. Got a quote today for a single tree clear fell and remove, you get to keep timber £4500 plus vat, OK a big tree, but if you are going to get 15 to 20 ton of fire wood and stump not included some one must need a Caribbean holiday paid for. Tree will be done £1000
  12. Hi Looking for a pto driven chipper, for 25hp tractor so thinking 4 or 5 inch, do not want made in China, so what would you go for, been offered a 5 inch Echo Bearcat yours S


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