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  1. That's mighty nice of you. No worries though I'll figure things out.
  2. Competent in both and can work on my own if needed. I have tickets for chainsaw, small tree felling and hung up trees (380mm but can cut trees bigger if needed) and a couple first aids ones as well (including forestry and outdoors). I have a few others that aren't too relevant, like PA1/6, ATV and utility. I provide my own PPE, tools and vehicle. I am based in Perthshire but can travel around if there's at least two or three days work in it for me depending on distance. For anyone else reading, if there is another place online that's good for finding work (akin to arbtalk) let me know. I tend to find more work by calling up companies directly, emailing and messaging.
  3. Perthshire, Scotland. I end up traveling around for work though.
  4. Prussic, eye2eye friction cord and pulley/hitch climber. Cambium saver too along with two 35m ropes. Alright! Yeah I've got some courses planned for July/August. NPTC 204 & 205 I believe. Access/aerial first aid and freefall techniques with a chainsaw. Just the basic ones for now as that's what I can afford. Zig zag and spikes when I've got more money too. Thanks a bunch fellas.
  5. Trying to start out climbing and I have the harness and think it's good to build out from there - maybe it doesn't matter. I know I'll need a top handle, silky, couple of ropes one long 45m one short 25m. For getting up and down I'll need an ascender with that little rope attached to my harness, saver or something. I'll need two or so carabineers (D shaped I suppose) as well but beyond this I'm not sure what I need. I know there are a few methods of climbing a tree but as a noob I want the cheapest and most effective/versatile way there is. I'll do more research in due course but hearing from you guys would be a good head start.
  6. Thanks all. It is for a course and also for starting out after. I've decided against getting this and looked elsewhere, it was just difficult because I wasn't sure on all the bits and pieces I would need. I'll do both, thank you. Art rope guide, noted. Budget is under a grand, ideally. Harness wise I've settled on getting this one: https://honeybros.com/shop/climbing/harnesses/harnesses-harnesses/treemotion-evo-harness/ I've tried it on and it's comfy.
  7. Was looking for arb climbing gear to buy and I came across this deal: https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/treehog-standard-climbing-kit-3-seat-harness/?attribute_pa_harness-size=small&gclid=CjwKCAjwy_aUBhACEiwA2IHHQNgbTt21R0YRle2Cl5oo2uLgPNpEEsqAlmBvq7pjYEyIlOJzJ6L-DRoCjUcQAvD_BwE Simplifies things for me since I'm not sure on what I'd need. I'm thinking in addition to this I'd want a silky saw, top handle and a couple 40m climbing ropes. I know finding a good harness is important so if you've any input on the one here or others please do.
  8. Might be willing to travel further if accomodation is provided. Looking for some felling work to get some more practice in. I have my small tree felling 380mm, hung up tree, crosscutting and maintenance but since my test, I haven't had the chance to do much felling. So yeah, any felling work I'd be happy to help out. I can bring my own kit and fuel should need be. It'd be freelance work too.
  9. Gonna make things easier and just list my forestry qualifications ‑ Emergency Outdoor First Aid (AOFA) & Emergency First Aid + Forestry (EFAW+F) (CA First Aid) ‑ Sit astride ATV (LANTRA) ‑ Brush cutting & trimming ‑ maintenance and operation (LANTRA) ‑ Safe application of pesticides (PA1 & PA6) (LANTRA) ‑ NPTC 201 (maintenance, cross‑cutting) ‑ NPTC 202 (felling small trees up to 380mm) ‑ NPTC 301 (utility arboriculture basic electrical knowledge) ‑ NPTC 302 (utility arboriculture tree species recognition, growth characteristics and associated hazards) ‑ NPTC 303 (utility arboriculture ground‑basef pruning) ‑ NPTC 305 (utility arboriculture assisted tree felling) Have a full drivers license too with towing. Message if you have a job for me. Scotland or Northern England.
  10. Chainsaw work, utility, arboriculture. Don't have climbing tickets yet but want them. PM for details or send an email to [email protected] and I can give you my CV. Location is Pitlochry/Perth and Kinross. Willing to relocate.
  11. I am based in the Perth and Kinross area and am willing to relocate for extended periods of time for payment and experience, even for a week or two. I am confident with the saw but need more experience with it to get better. Relevant tickets: Emergency Outdoor First Aid (AOFA) & Emergency First Aid + Forestry (EFAW+F) (CA First Aid) Chainsaw Maintenance, Crosscutting & Felling Small Trees Up To 380mm (including snedding and dealing with hung up trees) (NPTC) I also have an ATV ticket if needed.


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