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  1. Jase hutch

    the 'todays job' thread

  2. Jase hutch

    Greenmech 1523

  3. Jase hutch

    Greenmech 1523

    Ok , I'll see if I can dig out some info in the morning..
  4. Jase hutch

    Greenmech 1523

    Do you know which engine it has fitted ? I can find out but unfortunately not until tomorrow morning.
  5. Jase hutch

    Greenmech safetrac low oil pressure.

    Just wondering if you managed to get this sorted ?
  6. Jase hutch

    the 'todays job' thread

    Mick , PeteB is the man with the knowledge... I only fix them if things go wrong. It has a large flywheel similar in size to the 220 with two banks of three disc blades and as already stated , it does produce a good chip , common to all GreenMechs.....🙂 Jase.
  7. Jase hutch

    the 'todays job' thread

    It's a GreenMech Combi 200..🙂
  8. Jase hutch

    After an EC 15-23 /26 manual

  9. Jase hutch

    Greenmech safetrac low oil pressure.

    I've just checked and those pressure figures are correct . New engine should be 70 psi on a cold start but could be over 100 psi..!!
  10. Jase hutch

    Greenmech safetrac low oil pressure.

    Yes the gauge fits where the oil pressure switch is fitted , an 1/8 " bsp thread from memory.. Unfortunately if it's low oil pressure that's causing the problem it's not normally the case of just fitting a new pump , it's due to excessive wear throughout the engine.. Don't panic yet , could well be the switch..
  11. Jase hutch

    Greenmech safetrac low oil pressure.

    It could well be a faulty sensor, GreenMech used to sell a few when the Isuzu was the weapon of choice. Try , just for test purposes , disconnecting the brown wire from the oil pressure switch , insulate the end of the removed wire then start the engine. If the problems gone then it’s a faulty switch or low oil pressure and needs checking out before the chipper is used. The oil pressure from memory could be close to 100psi on cold start up , this would be on a new engine and I think the switch closes at 12psi ? I can confirm this from the Isuzu engine manual tomorrow.. Jase.
  12. Stu, did you get the 'spare wheel mounting bracket'?

    Did it fit ?

    1. Ty Korrigan

      Ty Korrigan

      Hello, it arrived at parents house in U.K.

      Now I'm waiting on the next friend to make a crossing.

      Along with Yorkshire tea, marmite, dairy milk, ginger biscuits, my new boots, daughter's new clarkes shoes, son's hotwheels cars...

       If it don't fit, I'll make it do so!



  13. Jase hutch

    old trailer help...

    I would think the wheel bearings will need replacing too , with the cap missing !
  14. Jase hutch

    hot pressure washers

    I'd go Karcher..
  15. Jase hutch

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Just to add to Dans comments above , the Isuzu 4LE1 could suffer from head gasket failure but if it was replaced correctly and the head was skimmed and new head bolts used , they would go on forever. In my opinion the Isuzu was as good as the Kubota.....


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