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  1. I take it you're a Forst man then doobin..??
  2. Why not email parts@greenmech.co.uk Or call , 01789400044
  3. Could you try removing one of the pumps carefully to check the plunger hasn't stuck ?
  4. Are you getting power to the fuel solenoid ? You could check this by removing the ignition feed to the starter then go to the crank position for the engine and you should hear the fuel solenoid 'click' in ? You could try removing the fuel solenoid , put a rag in the hole to stop any dirt ingress/ oil coming out , do the same as above and when you go to crank you should see the pin on the solenoid pull in ? If this works it could be that the internal fuel rack has stuck ? If you put your finger in the hole where the fuel solenoid was fitted , you should be able to feel the end of the fuel rack , if you push it gently by hand it should return under spring pressure..? I have also heard of injectors sticking when stood for a prolonged period of time ? Jase.
  5. Try [Name] Matt Pearson [Mobile] 07517 473661 He's ace on Kohler..
  6. Shaun , Did it work ? Jase.
  7. Hi Shaun , No I've never heard of this before. I'm furloughed at the moment but if you email : support@greenmech.co.uk You should get a reply from Spencer as he is picking up emails and he handles warranty. Jase.
  8. Stuart , this was simply a reference to the same failure that you experienced with your high pressure fuel pump , a Briggs engine fault..
  9. News to me. I spoke with Stuart not so long ago and offered to send him the tool we've made to sort the issues he's having , simple enough job and takes probably an hour or so with minimal strip down but he elected to wait until he brings the chipper back to the UK. The chipper was certainly still being used then... Jase.
  10. No it needs to be there , it keeps the shearbar pushed back firmly against the fabrication. Early 220 machines didn't have it and this could result in debris building up behind the shearbar overtime resulting in the blades touching the shearbar ! This was when it was introduced . Funnily enough it was on a Good Friday many years ago that this was first discovered when I had to go out to a 220 working on the M50 that had started making a tapping noise and that was the reason. Jase.
  11. You may need to but its fiddly and you'd likely need three new gaskets. When they build the Arb 19-28 , one of the first parts to be fitted to the bare chassis is the exhaust as its the easiest time to get in there... the tricky part is where the exhaust flexi and silencer join and sandwich the chassis mounting bracket... Jase.
  12. Cheers Wayne..👍 Just waiting for Ty's response after experiencing the same issue in France ??


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