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  1. Jase hutch

    RIP Pete Shelley

    The sound of my youth.. RIP...
  2. Jase hutch

    Fixing safetrack bottom roller?

    Thirty odd quid for the weld on spline , in stock at GreenMech. As Dan rightly says you'll need a good machine shop to turn out the old one and weld the new one in.
  3. Jase hutch

    Ranger Tyres!

    That'll be parking in grill space one and two that's done that...😉
  4. GreenMech have done it on a 19-28 SafeTrack for Germany , compared to an electric winch it was slow.
  5. Jase hutch

    The Wee Chipper Club

    The CS100 certainly can..
  6. Jase hutch

    Greenmech 130 Engine Mount

    Nice one , and a simple fix 👍
  7. Jase hutch

    Greenmech 130 Engine Mount

    Hi Spoons, there's not s lot of resistance to that damper normally and the best way to test it is to remove it and extend and compress it by hand. If you have a vibration issue I'd be more inclined to check the flywheel and its bearings.
  8. Jase hutch

    Greenmech Safetrak Mk1 - Key needed urgently

    I'm doubting myself now.. Please can anyone else confirm ?
  9. Jase hutch

    Greenmech Safetrak Mk1 - Key needed urgently

    Pete B would know cos he's sales and they're always nicking keys..🙄
  10. Jase hutch

    Greenmech Safetrak Mk1 - Key needed urgently

    That looks like the right one to me..
  11. Jase hutch

    greenmech st150 6 inch safetrak

    The solenoid valve is under the infeed chute and you need to check for magnetism on the nut that holds the coil on. It's a 12mm nut (19mm spanner size).
  12. Jase hutch

    greenmech st150 6 inch safetrak

    Hi Mitchel, do you get a green light on the 'No-stress' box at full engine revs ? If so, do you then get magnetism on the 'No-stress' solenoid valve ?
  13. Jase hutch

    Can lo linger get arbtalk through my home wifi

    Yep all good now , cheers Steve.
  14. Hello Jase,

     I'm think I'm going to need to fit a  different end to the exhaust if I am to install the spare wheel carrier.

    If I turn it downwards, I'll risk scorching or worse what ever surface I'm on. 

    Googling ain't coming up with owt sadly.

    Got any ideas? 

    Also, what is required in terms of stop switches on the French model and how much are they from G.M?




    1. Jase hutch

      Jase hutch

      Hi Stu,  l will look into both these questions at work on Monday. 

      I think the palm switches are possibly free but I need to Check with the powers that be.

      Why not ask Guilhem..?  😜

  15. Jase hutch

    Can lo linger get arbtalk through my home wifi

    Not for me.....


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