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  1. Try Joe Turner? https://www.joeturnerequipment.co.uk/
  2. Bill , does it have an EHB ignition box fitted ? That's the black ignition box with the ignition switch built into the box and idle , set and run buttons ? It sounds like it might need re-programming. That's a simple job over the phone and we can send you the setting info should you need to do it again in the future.. Give us a call on 01789400044.. Jase.
  3. Bill , do the revs on the display remain fairly constant at any given throttle position ? If so I would say the sensor is ok. The sensor gap should be 1.0 to 1.5mm . Jase.
  4. Ok I've just checked this and it was originally painted in RAL 5017 so I can only assume the new paint doesn't match due to the fact that the original paint has faded ? Jase.
  5. Hi Bill From memory they ran at 2400-2450 rpm , which is actually flywheel rpm. I cant see from your pictures if the arm is actually touching the set screw at full throttle ? If it is then I would be checking the air cleaner and fuel filter.. Jaws.
  6. I haven't been involved up until now but I'll happily have a look at the master records if you let me know the aerial number. If you'd rather call me then it's: 01789400044 and the option for 'service'. Jase.
  7. Cracking chipper.. GreenMech should never have ceased production....
  8. I set them on GreenMech to about 1.5mm.
  9. Just wondering , is there a hydraulic return filter ? If so then any metal particles from a failed/failing hydraulic pump should be visible in the filter.
  10. It looks good in the flesh..
  11. Hi , it should be 10w30. Jase....
  12. Hi RMB , sorry , I've only just seen this , did you manage to sort the problem ? Jase..
  13. Hi Shaun , I've just tested it and I cant fault it , can only guess its just sticking..?


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