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  1. Jase hutch

    Toyota Rav 4?

    I've got a 54 plate Rav 4 and its spot on. Utterly reliable too , diesel squeezes out 40 to the gallon...
  2. Jase hutch

    FUEL gauge Greenmech 150p

    That would be appreciated , cheers Shaun.
  3. Jase hutch

    Sluggish Feed Rollers

    Can you take a picture of the drilled hole ?
  4. Jase hutch

    FUEL gauge Greenmech 150p

    Sorry , the socket needed is 24mm.. Jase.
  5. Jase hutch

    FUEL gauge Greenmech 150p

    Hi Shaunpaul, I will look into the fuel gauge issue , I'm not aware of a problem. The Allen key required is 10mm.. Jase.
  6. Jase hutch

    VERMEER 625i Kohler 25 Command engine help

    You could try Matt Pearson , he's the man with the knowledge of everything Kohler.. 07517473661
  7. Jase hutch

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    Hi wicklamulla, unfortunately there isn't the option to vary the feed roller speed , but if you haven't done so recently I would certainly check the tension on the feed roller spring. It should be adjusted so the spring just starts to stretch and no more. I hope this helps. Jase.
  8. Jase hutch

    Show us ya birds !

    One in our garden with three chicks now..
  9. Jase hutch

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    What you need to do is put one of the grub screws into the 'other' threaded hole , tighten it and then tap the pulley carefully with a hammer back towards the fan. Keep tightening and tapping the pulley, tap it close to the taper lock and you should be able to push the pulley back off the taper lock . Then if the taper lock is still tight on the shaft , try wd40 or carefully insert a screwdriver in the slot to open it slightly but take care or it'll break in two. To refit it , tighten the two grub screws in their opposite holes evenly and torque up to 48nm ..
  10. Jase hutch

    Changing Belts on Jo Beau B24-100

    Don't tap on the outer edge of the pulley though...
  11. Jase hutch

    Mk2 1928 safetrak

    Hi Karl, just another thought , if the leg is fully in and won’t extend , even when you operate the valve manually , has the transport bracket gone down the inside of the track motor casing instead of sitting on top of it , therefore causing the track to jam ? This can be an issue if the wear pads on the legs are in need of adjustment. If this is the case then you will have to try to lever out the track whilst operating the valve at the same time to free it off and then the wear pads will need adjusting. There is a ‘how to video ‘ on the GreenMech website to explain how to adjust the wear pads on the legs. jase..
  12. Jase hutch

    Mk2 1928 safetrak

    Hi Karl , could easily be a switch. Try manually operating the leg valve , situated under the alternator by pushing in either end of the valve with a small screwdriver to see if the leg will move. It's the centre core you need to push in. If this works then check for voltage when the switch is operated at the herschmann plug on the leg valve.. The switches can fail due to water ingress so that would be the most likely..
  13. I like the look of that , are they expensive ?
  14. Jase hutch

    Eco arborist 15 23/26 oil pressure/ alternator fault

    Ok , first thing to try is to disconnect the single wire from the oil pressure switch on the engine , I think it's a brown wire ? Insulate the end of the removed wire and run the chipper to see if the fault is still there . If the fault has disappeared then the problem is either a duff oil pressure switch or low oil pressure. Please only remove this wire for test purposes... If the fault is still there then there could be a short to earth on the wire to the oil pressure switch, worth also checking the condition of the pins in the round Canon plug from the EHB box for corrosion and to make sure no pins have pushed back. If the chipper still shuts down with a fault , give me a call on Monday on : 01789400044 and the option for service and I can talk you through programming the computer in case the programme is at fault. Jase..
  15. Jase hutch

    Eco arborist 15 23/26 oil pressure/ alternator fault

    Ok Bill , which ignition box is fitted to your chipper ? Is it the EHB box with the ignition switch mounted in the box and idle, set and run buttons on the facia ? Or the later RDS set up with the separate ignition switch and five press buttons on the display unit ? Jase..


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