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  1. Sorry , only just seen this , I'm about if it's not too late..
  2. Within reason.. Designed in house , steel is laser cut , folded and welded and finally powder coated. Obviously various components are brought in such as engines and hydraulic valves and motors.
  3. No , the GreenMech chippers are all completely manufactured at Alcester in the UK.
  4. Nice one , thanks for the feedback..
  5. Interesting, I hope it actually comes to something..
  6. Stu , I'm on holiday this week but as suggested above , have you emailed GreenMech with that info ? Jase....
  7. From memory , the end cap is less than £30 and I doubt the detent is much more.. Jase.
  8. Is that a 'bib' valve ? If so the control valve end cap (the part with the lever and alloy housing) is readily available as is the detent on the other end of the spool.. Jase.
  9. Look through it , or push/pull something through it ?
  10. Have you bypassed the top motor ? Those were my thoughts regarding a bent shaft , hence why I ask if you've tried bypassing it ? I would also try bypassing the cooler before replacing the control valve. I think if the pump was knackered you'd just suffer with poor oil flow and not get the heat build up. Jase.
  11. Just a thought , although you've fitted a different top motor and you tell me that roller turns freely , have you tried bypassing it by joining the hoses ? Jase.
  12. Hi Gerbutt, The shaft seal isn't a common failure but not unheard of and not unexpected on a nine year old chipper like yours. You could also try bypassing the oil cooler but I've not known one to fail internally. Following our phone conversation last week I still maintain the problem is most likely due to the control valve causing a restriction and resulting in heat build up. Why not order the new valve and If it doesn't cure the problem we'll see what we can do ? Alternately you could remove each pressure hose to check for a delamination. Jase.


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