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  1. Hi Thanks for reply, I've emailed L&S direct now, hopefully they will source as no option to add the above to cart in shopping ff diagrams. Have milled existing studs but front one is dethreaded as is mount hole for it (now past any helicoil type solution as its rounded out to around 10mm and not much casing left around it anyway). Hence am going to use the alternate stud holes on the casing and drill the clutch cover in pre existing spots to suit. 99% sure the oiler holes will line up with existing bar or will have to drill out new hole on bar also. All possible. Thanks for the motivation, wish I could afford a newer Husky but like for the old 9010 is still a battleship.
  2. Thanks all for contributions. L&S site showing not available, but yet to call: I need: 1 x 965404761 (Rubber Buffer) 1 x 024111031 (Alternate Pattern to fit rear studs Oil Guard/Guide Plate) 1 x 024232040 Guide Bar Stud 1 x 024111050 Chain Catcher Anybody help?
  3. Hi. Anybody know of someone who can source parts off diagram for Makita/Dolmar saws? Namely DCS9010, DCS6400 and DCS7900. Have tried Shavey but no reply. LSE Engineers now not stocking Can't find anyone else?
  4. Looking for work in West Wales area. CS30/31, woodchipper, pesticides, first aid, plus arb/hort theory. CSCS also, may need updating as per First Aid now out of date. Long term experience in grounds maintenance, hard/soft landscaping/construction. Can travel with kit, all PPE to spec and machines. Marty 07790809023
  5. Climber required for provisional jobs on behalf of well established business in Pembs/Ceredigion areas. PM to discuss.
  6. Established Grounds Maintenance business in West Wales (Pembrokeshire/Ceredigion) looking for S/E Freelance climber to assist with current and up and coming works in 2019 - ad-hoc basis. Message for more info.
  7. MartyJ76

    DCS9010 Oiler

    And in fact does anybody know if this pump cross refs with any older Dolmar models eg 116 etc
  8. MartyJ76

    DCS9010 Oiler

    Been searching for an oiler pump for a Makita DCS9000 or 9010 same as Dolmar PS9000 PS9010 to no avail, anybody know of one out there or a supplier who can source? The beast is asleep without it
  9. Can anyone shed any light upon the above? Will need to do if required. I can't find any info online and thought this was only an experienced based recommendation as opposed to regulation?
  10. Thanks Paul, thats helped me clarify, i asked the Q in relation to the fact that for the sake of RFS Cert Arb for instance (as I learn today) the LANTRA Brushcutter Cert is not recognised as being on the QCF framework i.e. a 'licence' to operate as such, see... RFS - Cert Arb compertance awards I hope that this might be reviewed and as such it will go on to the QCF (or RQF 'Regulatory Qualification Framework as I learn today it now seems to be evolving in). The course was 2 days and intensive, I have spent some years on all brushcutting operations prior and trainer was very thorough and didnt spare anyone on the finer aspects of assessment. I have emailed LANTRA today to see whether this might be.
  11. I had reply from RFS today which read pretty much as follows: (We) require a total of 8 practical tickets, 4 compulsory (see Table 1) and 4 from the optional lists (Tables 2 and 3). To achieve the 4 optional tickets you can do 3 from Table 2 and 1 from Table 3, or 2 from Table 2 and 2 from Table 3 , 1 from Table 2 and 3 from Table 3. Any of these combinations would meet our requirements that there should be at least 1 from Table 2 and 1 from Table 3. Currently we do not accept awards or certificates that are not listed on our website. .......I was hoping to have LANTRA Brushcutter cert recognised, see other thread (the LANTRA cert is not recognised on RFS Tables, NPTC is). Have approached LANTRA on the status of this, it seems that it might be likely there will be a cross reference between NPTC and LANTRA regarding this qual in the future , not sure if can be 'backdated' as such though if it should happen.
  12. Just resurrecting this thread on a tangent, but with relevance if anybody might answer?? Not quite sure why there is no NPTC cross reference for LANTRA Brushcutter Maintenance and Operation: Code is CLMC08X The course was over 2 days, full (and thorough might i say!!) H&S training as per NPTC, practical, theory, maintenance, operation and importantly stringent assessment. In my ignorance am not sure why it doesn't have relevant NPTC crossover? Is it something to do with QCF? Be grateful for any enlightenement and clarification of how the above works?
  13. I think that's the way I read it too, am going to be in touch with RFS soon so will keep you posted. The confusion seems to arise in the second part of the statement Quote: 'Four optional tests must be completed including at least one from Table 2 (Level 2) and one from Table 3 (Level 3)' which suggests you only need 1 ticket from table 2 and 1 from table 3......arghh taking things literally this suggests you might possibly gain another 2 tickets elsewhere possibly at RFS discretion to complete the 4 'Optional' units. If you see what I mean, the reason I mention is they used to include Tree Planting ticket as part of the optionals I believe. I have this ticket. Anyway, without wishing to confuse I have a day or two away this week so am going to clarify for myself, I will update, think it best to confirm with RFS to avoid disappointment. Well done on the tickets Adam, and well done on getting on with the course, are you doing it through Myerscough? Thanks for your replies
  14. Glad this thread has been Rejuvenated. Reason being followed by Question? as follows. I undertook ABC awards Level 2 Cert via Myerscough online a couple of years back. I did it mostly at own cost with some limited funding (which i doubt would be available now) I found it extremely rewarding knowledge wise, and very engaging most modules being relevant to work i was undertaking at the time. One important point, I have undertaken various NPTC practical certs alongside again at my own cost since, it has taken me some time to earn and pay for these in the hope of gaining full RFS Certification. FULL RFS Certification as I understand, with the entitlement to put RFS Cert Arb after ones name if inclined requires a ABC Awards Theory Pass at Level 2 AND a full suite of NPTC tickets amounting to 8?? in total it seems from the tables provided: see: RFS - Cert Arb compertance awards I forgot about this all for a while thinking it was going to cost the earth, but now rejuvenated I find I have: CS30.1, CS30.2, CS31, CS32, A06, PA1, PA2, I also have a LANTRA Cert for Brushcutter for which the table states there is no crossover? I cannot for the life of me work out whether i'm even halfway to sending certs off to RFS yet can anyone explain how the RFS determine mandatory units from optional and 'four of each' of this and that? I emailed RFS but never did get reply?


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