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  1. Interesting. I've recently set up on my own (part-time and mainly Garden maintenance work) but I do get asked to do a lot of tree work. As I don't have my own van and chipper I usually pass the work onto lads who I used to work with, but, as I do want to do more tree work myself I was wondering what rates were for man, van and chipper until I get set up properly! I was thinking £220 a day would be reasonable for groundie with thier van and chipper?
  2. Who runs a small truck/van in their tree business? I know tippers are the no. 1 choice, for obvious reasons, but anyone running smaller size vans and how do you get on with them? Cheers.
  3. Has got to be sharpening Chains! Hate doing it, takes too long and I never do it right! Might just buy a load of spare chains and change them everytime instead ??
  4. I've been thinking of doing this same course through HCC for a while but a bit sceptical about home learning/ online courses. Do you really learn or just Google the answers? How are the tutors at replying to your questions? Thanks.
  5. The ground saw will be used for everything you could think of. Felling smaller to larger stuff, snedding, brashing up, clearing under growth and all the usual stuff. Not sure if a battery saw would be robust enough. Not too worried about the battery life as I would just have 2 fully charged batteries for the day.
  6. Ey Up folks, Ive got a decision to make on what top handle and ground saw to get! I can basically get any saw I want through work. I work as a Utility Arborist in the North of England so im not going to need any of the big boy saws. I prefer Husqvarna over Stihl so been considering the following........ Ground... 550 XP 540i XP 535i XP Top Handle... T535i XP T540i XP Is the extra money going to be worth it for the new battery saws? Are the ground battery saws capable/powerful enough for a full days work? Considering battery saws for a variety of reasons and my top handle is definately going to be battery powered just wanting opinions. Im currently leaning towards the 550 XP for ground and T535i for climbing. However, im drawn to having a battery ground saw but not sure of their capability. Any opinions, thoughts and experiances are greatly appriciated!!
  7. Alright folks. If i do a job, say at $400, but get another lad into help me and pay them 100 do I pay tax on the full $400 or just on the remaining $300? Cheers.
  8. Thank you. Are you aware of any differences between the two? I'm guessing the numbers reflect the CC of the engines on each machine?
  9. Is there much between these two strimmers? Used the 410 before and it's a good strimmer (would certainly be enough for any of my jobs) but as it's slightly more expensive, and further away to pick up, would I be just as better off getting a 360? Cheers.
  10. How many of you ask for feedback off potential clients when you didn't win a job to find out why?
  11. Had to Google it, but agree Arbtalk is definitely CPD for me ???
  12. I dont know what CPD is!!!!!?
  13. On this subject, if I do my tax returns myself it should look a bit like this...... $$$ earnt for the year = 10,000 $$$ spend on genuine business stuff = 2,000 $$$ profit = 8,000 Tax & NIC to pay = 2,400 HMRC the check this, agree everything is legit and we all move on with our lifes? Basically you submit everything on the annual tax return in one hit? Sent all reciepts, milage records etc in together. Hope that makes sense and sorry about the $ symbol my pound sign isnt working on the laptop ?
  14. Dont know anything about the South East but can recomend TKF Training in Holmfirth. Ive done many courses with them and no complaints about anything.
  15. True, thank you Kevin. When first looking into registering as self-employed all you read about is how much tax you owe or will owe, make sure your tax return is done blah blah so you think its all pay out when there are benefits to been a sole trader too! I have just bought a pair of hedge trimmers which I should be able to claim back on. However I technically bought them before I registered the business so can I stay claim on them or not as they are older then the business?


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